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YouTube (ユーチューブ) is the world's largest video-sharing website under the Google Inc. umbrella.


YouTube (ユーチューブ) is a American online video sharing site created in 2005 starting out as a dating service.
The site was the forerunner of video sharing sites such as Nico Nico Douga. It's impact is immeasurable, and it is said to have changed the world of the internet.

There is no shortage of topics on the site, including it's use as PR for political activities such as presidential elections, the debut of a professional artist whose own compositions have attracted attention, and in a bad way, the trigger of a flame war.
In Japan, it is said to have contributed to the end of the golden age of flash animation.

Today, there are dedicated applications available not only for PCs and smartphones, but also for game consoles, which can be used to watch the programs. In addition, many TVs have built-in applications that allow viewing on TVs alone, as long as they can be connected to a network.


YouTube has an advertising partner program, and if you apply for this program and pass the screening process, you will be able to monetize your videos and receive money based on the number of views.
YouTubers are people who make a large amount of money from advertising revenue based on the number of views.
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