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YouTuber is a generic term for a person or group of people who continuously publish independently produced videos on the video sharing website YouTube.

This article focuses on non-virtual YouTubers. For the derivation of YouTubers using avatars/characters, please refer to Virtual Youtuber.


YouTuber (ユーチューバー) is a generic term for people who post videos on the video website YouTube. There also sometimes get called YouTube Creator, YouTube Personality, YouTube Star, and YouTube Celebrity, all of which mean the same thing.

In a narrow sense, the term "YouTubers" refers to those who make a large profit from advertising revenue based on the number of views of their videos.

In 2011, the partner program was opened to the general public, and those who earn money from the number of views of their videos began to appear, giving birth to today's YouTubers.
The world's top class can be seen making over a billion dollars a year, challenging and enjoying various projects in their videos.

For many years in Japan, there was a strong belief that it was dangerous to show one's face on the internet, and it was considered strange "why foreigners show their faces on Youtube". However, after Hikaru Kaihatsu became famous, such opinions have since become less common, and it has become one of the most admired professions, especially among younger generations.
However, there are still many people who would like to be a YouTuber but are uncomfortable with the idea of showing their face, and there are also many YouTubers who do not show their faces.

After the spring 2020 season, many famous voice actors and celebrities became YouTubers by opening YouTube channels as a result of the decrease in work and stay-at-home jobs in the voice acting and TV industry due to the expansion of COVID-19 infection.

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