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Armin Arlert

A character from Attack on Titan.

"People who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to change anything."
"What should I throw away besides my life?"


^ Height 163cm
^ Weight 55kg
^ Age 15 (First appearance at 10 years old, joined [104th Training Corps > 104th Trainees]]) at 12 years o
^ Birthplace Shiganshina District at southern tip of Wall Maria
^ Birthday November 3
^ CV Marina Inoue
^ Live Action Cast [[[Kanata Hongo]]]
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 10, Second Poll: No. 6

Armin is a boy with dark and thick eyebrows and a slightly rounded nose. His blond hair is styled in a bob cut with bangs over his ears.
In the anime, he is the narrator at the beginning and the next episode previews.

Armin is the childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa’s.
In particular, Eren was his longtime friend before he became acquainted with Mikasa. Both of them were born and raised in Shiganshina.
He showed Eren his grandfather's secret collection of books about the outside world, which made Eren long for the outside world. After that, Eren and Armin has had the same dream.

He is intellectual and has a spirit of inquiry, and he always has the thought that “humanity should eventually go to the outside world”.
Because of his character and ideology (it is regarded as a taboo to seek “outside the wall” in this world), he was often abused by the boys of the town and saved by Eren and Mikasa many times
His parents (his grandfather in the anime) joined the operation to retake the territory in the year following the invasion of the Titans and died. He realized the policy that the purpose of the operation is to reduce the number of mouths] of the refugees. He hates the Military Police Regiment, and he cannot keep silent for the situation of the monarchy that carried out this operation, and joins the Survey Corps with Eren and Mikasa.
Eren and his instructor advised him to work as technician due to his splendid brain ability, but he wanted to join the Survey Corps same as Eren and eventually joined the Corps.

Personality / Ability

His frame is relatively small and lacking in muscle, and the physical ability is not high.
(Nevertheless, he is still a soldier who operates Vertical Maneuvering Equipment. In the original, there is a description that he has washboard abs.)
He has a strong will, but he is aware of his lack of briskness, and he has an intropunitive personality that he feels his incompetence.
Also, since Armin would often rely on his friends Eren and Mikasa Ackerman to protect him, leading him to have poor self-esteem and to believe that he was a burden to others.
Armin continued to have further low self-esteem during his training years from the first batter in Trost District, and he was deeply ashamed of himself that he was unable to help his friends and was unable to revenge any Titans.

However, although the fighting ability is low, he has talents in another aspect, and he has more intelligent and sensitive thinking ability than the fellow trainees.
In fact, when the Titans attacked in Shiganshina in his childhood period, he rushed to Eren and Mikasa who were attacked by the Titans to help Eren's mother Carla, and he immediately called Hannes, and as a result, he saved their lives. Eren says that the thing to save both of them was not something else, but Armin’s actions.
And when Eren had the danger of being executed due to his Titan transform ability in Trost, both of them persuaded him that Armin has the ability that they do not have and Armin can make correct judgment and use his wisdom especially in such critical situations, and they relied on his judgment to decide the fate of the 3 of them.
After that, when he became confident for himself, he was able to show the strength and his strong will, and the others could see the behavioral aspects based on thought.
In the operation to retake Trost, he was the planner of the operation, and he woke up Eren who became uncontrollable after transforming to the Titan, led the success of the almost failed operation.

Once the story proceeds, he has been positioned to create a major transformation of the story, such as noticing the important things that the others do not notice with just a few clues. He has been appointed as a leader in the Survey Corps due to this high level of trust, and when Levi was absent, he took the leadership of the Levi’s squad.
He has excellent knowledge with high creativity, but he has the shortcomings that when he misreads the situation and his judgment will be affected. Therefore the commanders thought he is qualified to be a military officer due to his talent, when he misread the situation and fell into panic, he entrusted the leading role to Jean, while Jean is taking command of the team, he concentrated on finding weak points of the enemies and reversed the battles successfully.

At the time of 104th Training Corps’s graduation, he ranked outside the top 10, and he passed the battle simulation test, even himself thought this was a miracle, but due to his mental sharpness and rich knowledge, he achieved the top grade in classroom learning.
After being placed on the front line, he is the first to take the initiative in planning battle operations, and he has saved his fellow soldiers numerous times and plays a key role participating in planning.
It was revealed that it was dust allergy in the TV CD of the Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine of the January edition of 2014.

Side Story

When LinkedHorizon sung [[[Crimson Bow and Arrow]]] at the 64th Red-White Singing Festival, there was a narration of Armin (the content in the Episode 1) in the beginning. What’s more, according to Marina Inoue's tweet, who was the voice actor of Armin, that was not diverted from the main part of the anime, but seems to be the new recording for Red-White Singing Festival.

In pixiv

Due to his neutral appearance, the popularity of opposite gender is deeply rooted, and even Gender: Armin can be tagged. There are many scenes of wearing women's dresses.
By the way, according to Isayama, the author of the original, it seems Mikasa’s best female friend in 104th Trainees is Armin...
After wearing a bunny girl costume on the official 4-frame comics, Rabbit Armin has been posted one after another with a bunny figure.
And finally in the official main story, he wears women’s dresses.

In addition, he tried to protect Eren from Mikasa's runaway love, and he was involved in fierce battle with his leader Levi. Thus he seemed to be treated as a character of『a suffering person』. Stomach medicine

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新OPの ※血注意

ア ル ミ ン


Operation to retake Wall Maria

In the operation to retake Wall Maria, the Survey Corps did not find the Armored Titan Reiner and the Colossal Titan Bertholt, he suggested searching for them “in the wall” and the Survey Corps successfully found Reiner who was hiding in the wall.

After that, just before they kill the Armored Titan, they received an unexpected surprise attack from the Colossal Titan who once destroyed Armin’s hometown, and Armin decided to fight together with Eren, and carried out the operation in such a desperate situation.
The operation succeeded, and they killed the Colossal Titan brilliantly, but he was in a desperate situation of being burned the whole body by being continuously poured in the steam of the Colossal Titan before using up all his strength for a feint operation.

They joined together with Levi who chased the Beast Titan there and brought the serum.
Eren begs Levi for injecting the serum to Armin, but Floch carries Erwin who is severely injured and joins with them, Eren and Mikasa insist to inject the serum to Armin, but Levi, Hange and Floch insist to inject it to Erwin, the two groups are in conflict.
Eventually, Mikasa was persuaded by Hange and she gave up the injection to Armin, but Eren did not give up and continued to persuade Levi to inject the serum to Armin, but the final decision was made by Levi, and he decided to inject it to Erwin.

However, when he tried to pierce Erwin's arm with a needle, Erwin pushes away Levi's hands. And, like a sleep talking, he is asking the same question as he may have possibly seen in his dream that he asked the question when he was young.
Levi saw that and decided to release him who kept carrying the burden for mankind from the living hell, and used the serum to Armin.

Armin took the serum and became a pure Titan, ate Bertolt who has the ability of the Colossal Titan, and he inherited that ability and survived.
But he did not hide his confusion that the serum should be used to Erwin, not himself.

A year later after that.
They cleared most of the Titans outside the wall. He brought tears when he saw the sea.

4 years later

In a surprise attack to Marley, he is waiting on their ships and transform to a Titan. Succeeded in brilliantly reducing the Marley's strength.
However, after the surprise attack, he often worries about Eren's attitude.

In the controversy within the 104th trainee of “whether the current Eren is an enemy or not'', he took the position with Mikasa that “the current Eren is not an enemy'', but followed by that, it was shown that he thought the situation using his own way without involving his personal feeling and mentioned “we will talk with Eren carefully and if we cannot be sure that Eren is a friend, we will ask someone to inherit Eren's Titan ability (= let someone eat Eren)”.

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