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Mikasa Ackerman

A character from Attack on Titan.

"Eren ... As long as you are here, I can do anything."
"Right... This is ... a cruel world."


^ Height 170cm
^ Weight 68kg
^ Age 15 (First appearance at 10 years old, joined [104th Training Corps > 104th Trainees]]) at 12 years o
^ Birthplace Suburb of Shiganshina (later moved to Shiganshina)
^ Birthday February 10
^ CV Yui Ishikawa
^ Live Action Cast Kiko Mizuhara
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 3, Second Poll: No. 7

Mikasa is the heroine of this book.

In the work, she is a half-breed inherited the blood of the Oriental clan, which was almost extinct (her father is a Westerner and the mother was an Oriental). When she was young, her mother attached a tattoo (embroidery in anime) which is the sign of clan inheriting to her right wrist. For now, details about that are unknown.


She is a silent pretty girl with good looking which was inherited from her mother. She has the scornful eyes somehow.

In Anime, she has charming black hairs, wet lips, neat eyelashes, hidden busty and large posteriors, all makes her a beautiful girl.

She had a long hair from the time she was young, and she received the advice from Eren that “It is dangerous that the long hair may be caught when using the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment” when she joined the Training Corps, she shortened her hairstyle to Bob cut due to this.


She is always silent, but in the toughest situation of the battle in Trost, she made a poor speech to encourage her fellow trainees, and she is willing to speak in public as needed.

She is extremely calm and she almost did not change his facial expression and express her feelings. Before she met Eren, she seemed to be a girl with bright eyes and laughed as ordinary children...
Mikasa's world has revolved around Eren since an incident (described later) when she was nine.

Her mission is always to protect Eren by staying with him, and when Eren falls into danger, Mikasa often forgets her usual calmness and gets out of control.
Mikasa realized that Eren is in danger from an event and she stood alone before the Corps who tried to execute Eren, and threw her sword, although it was necessary punish Eren, but she said seriously that she would said “I would take a revenge to the dumpling” to Levi who has punished Eren as the officer, and she showed the very strong murderous intent to the Titans who are trying to capture Eren.
Also, when she was told that Eren was killed in a battle, she seemed to be calm, but she had been driven to despair and ran into reckless combat. She had the strong obsession, Levi advised her “control yourself”.
There is one more special person who has almost the same presence as Eren, that is Armin who is her childhood friend with Eren. Like Eren, she completely trusts Armin, and simply obeys what Armin says even when she gets out of control due to the news of Eren's death.
Putting it aside, her thoughts are similar to Eren, and like Eren, for those who are considered as the thread of the humanity, even though they are former companions, she takes the stand not to forgive them though she hesitates. According to her, the priority of life has been decided in her heart 5 years ago, and there are no exceptions.

However, her personality is not like a mad dog that "I don't care anyone else except Eren", but she has a deep feeling for the 104th trainees who shared joys and sorrows. During the battles and in the event of emergencies, she priories to defeat the enemies, and if she has to fight against her friends, she will still do that, but she hesitates to do that.
She cares about her friends, and she has a girlhood that she feels good as long as Eren stays with her.

It's hard to tell if the strong attachment to Eren is love, emotion or family love, but according to the interview of the director, it was said that "Surprisingly she loves him".
By the way, when Ian said Eren is her "lover", she was upset and amended the words as "family” with her cheeks blush.
When she saw the scene that Eren had a pleasant chatting with Historia (from her opinion), a look of blood menace which should not be an attitude to a friend flashed across her face looking at Historia.
People tend to pay attention to her high fighting ability, but there are many aspects of the spirituality that look her age. According to the author, it seems that she is good at singing.




When she was nine years old, her parents were murdered by human traffickers who broken into their house suddenly, and she had been sold off by those people.
At that time Eren rescued her, Eren missed killing the last one among the three human traffickers and was about to be killed by the person, in that moment Mikasa responded the calling of "Fight!” by Eren, and Mikasa killed the last person, so the two people who were not even 10 years old killed people.
It was from this moment that Mikasa began to think that this is a cruel world (later Eren said this word as well).


After that, she was taken over by the Jaeger family (in another word, Eren's family) in Shiganshina and she had a new family.
From then on, she who lost everything became obsessed with Eren who gave her a new “family”, and the red muffler she received from Eren is an important item for her and she wears it till now (except when it was hot).

At the year of 845 (about 10 years old), due to the invasion to Shiganshina District of the Titans by the Colossal Titan, they refuge in the Wall Rose.
There, along with Eren, they are forced to engage in farmland development in a poor environment.
Later, as Eren volunteered to be the 104th trainee, Mikasa also volunteered at the age of 12 to "protect Eren" and ranked the top result among the 104th trainees.
After graduating from the Training Corps at the age of 15, she learned that Eren joined the Survey Corps earlier that he had hoped for, and Mikasa followed him.

Combat Ability

With harsh experience in the incident of kidnapping, she can put herself in perfect control and switch her power freely. This ability is considered to be possessed only by the Ackerman family as they can freely master it.

Due to this ability, she has completed perfectly all difficult subjects in the Training Corps, and she was recognized as an unprecedented genius in the history and graduated with top rank in the 104th trainees.
During the battle in Trost, even that was the first battle, she killed many Titans, and she was appointed as the team leader of Ian Squad, who was an excellent skilled soldier, and it was said that she had “the value equivalent to 100 soldiers...and that would be a huge damage of the human beings if they lost her”.
Also, during the battle between the Survey Corps and the Female Titan in the Forest of Giant Trees, Armin realizes that the Female Titan has the high intelligence and cannot be defeated by the normal people, and both Levi and he regard Mikasa as the person who can defeat the Female Titan, in the work, Mikasa is recognized as a person with great potential who can compete with Levi.

You may not know that since it was not revealed in the main story, but in contrast with her appearance, she is very heavy set in the story, and she is heavier than Eren while being a female. She is actually muscular that does not match her appearance, especially her six pack abs even can be spoiled. By the way, Eren's height is 170cm and his weight is 63kg, which is not inferior to the average physique of the males, and he is also excellent in martial arts, but...
According to the author, she understands that her current physique is necessary as a soldier, but as a girl of the marriageable age, she seems to have quite complex emotions, and constantly swing between the fighting ability and girl's mind.

According to the author's settings, it seems that Mikasa and Levi have the ability to remove the inherent "limiter for muscle control" that normal humans have to protect their bodies (if the normal humans remove the muscle limiter, the so-called “fight-or-flight response” comes out, but the two mentioned above can always call out the power freely).
Therefore, she has bones like steel to withstand the load on the body when the limiter was removed, and the high bone density is connected with the weight of the body.


Paternal clan. It has been divided by the head family and the branch family. Mikasa was born in the branch family. That was a warrior family who once served the Royal Family. Her combat and physical abilities are unique to the Ackerman family. About 100 years ago, they resisted the king's thoughts, and they were persecuted with the Oriental clan who also resisted the king's thoughts, so only few people in the family survived.
From her birth, she was feared as a “secondary product of Titan science” outside the wall.

Maternal clan. They were once persecuted by the monarchy with the Ackerman family. They were exterminated inside the walls, and they may be the target of human trafficking because the people with pure blood can be sold with a high price. Mikasa's mother is the last pure-blooded Oriental inside the walls. Mikasa is a person with mixed blood, but she is last Oriental inside the walls.

Side Story

The Ackerman family and the Oriental family

According to Mikasa, her parents were the people who were driven to the suburbs of Shiganshina located at the southernmost part inside the wall due to the persecution of the monarchy. However, not mention her mother who is an oriental with the completely different appearance, her father who is almost the same as the human being in appearance inside the wall has been persecuted, her father doubted that but did not know the reason in detail.

Later, in the recall of the Kenny Ackerman, Ackerman family and Oriental family are few of the minority people that are not affected by the "memory manipulation" of the Reiss family. They were different from other ethnic minorities and they did follow the policy of the monarchy. It was clear that their lives have been targeted from the monarchy because the monarchy was afraid that the “memory manipulation” would not work.
The reason why Mikasa's life was not targeted by the even she was still using the family name of Ackerman is considered to be that Kenny worked for the Reiss family and then the persecution against the Ackerman family was ended.

In Kenny's recall, it implies that Mikasa's father is from the Ackerman branch family, and it is assumed to be a distant relative with Kenny and Levi who are from the head family. It is considered that the commonalities of these three people with the experience of power awakening and performing the superhuman fighting ability are the quality hold by only those who inherit the blood of the Ackerman family.

Also, according to the content said by his grandfather who appeared in Kenny's recall, the Ackerman family was originally a warrior family who served the king closely, and it was the center of monarchy who takes the responsibility of human survival as the right-hand man of monarchy. They were against the ruling policy of the king which is to revoke the memory of all mankind, eradicate the past history, and achieve the unparalleled peace, so they were continuously persecuted by the monarchy. For this reason, the Ackerman family has ceased to convey the "true history inside the wall" for the consideration of the future of the family from Kenny's great-grandfather. Therefore, it seems that the grandfather has not told Kenny about the “true history in the wall". On the contrary, Mikasa's mother is the descendant of the Oriental who opposed the monarchy, and she said “we must share something with them as the Oriental “and attach the tattoo in her daughter's hand (embroidery in anime) and some secrets may be revealed in the future.

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