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A character from Attack on Titan.

“The only thing ... we're allowed to believe is that we won't regret the choice we made.”


Leader of the soldiers in the Survey Corps.

^ Height 160cm
^ Weight 65kg
^ Birthday December 25
^ CV Hiroshi Kamiya]
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 1, Second Poll: No. 1 Third Poll: No. 2

He is known as "the strongest soldier of mankind". It is said that he has the strength equivalent to one brigade (about 4,000 people), he can kill two Titans in a moment, and he can also cut up the Female Titan faster than her regeneration speed to curing part of the body.
He featured with undercut short hair and sanpaku eyes, and he has a cool atmosphere that always intimidates people.
Under the uniform, he is dressed like a nobleman, with white cravate wrapped around the neck and a blouse with a collar. However, once he was a famous rouge in the underground of the capital, and he joined the Survey Corps by working under the leadership of Erwin Smith.

He is often called as Captain, but he is officially called as "Squad Captain” in most of the times.
He is often considered a strongest soldier, but it tends to be thought of his low rank, but he is different from the “Captain” in the normal military.
However, currently it is clear whether the "Squad Captain" is a rank or a title, and what level it is.

His personality is unfriendly and calm, but rough. He uses many vulgar words remained from his rouge times. There was no scene in which he used honorific tone, but he used it in Episode 70.
He is a clean freak that he would first clean it up completely when he arrived at the base, and he even wipes out the Titans' spurt of blood during the battle.
On the other hand, he cared about his companions as a leader, and when his subordinates died, he took the opponents’ hands regardless of being smeared with blood and swore that he would exterminate the Titans.

In the operation to retake Trost at south of Wall Rose, he saves Eren Yeager and other trainees.
He admires Eren's ability a little bit (?) that he witnessed at that time. After a harsh chaos, Eren joined Levi Squad under the name of "monitoring Eren" (actually for the purpose of "protecting him").

In the battle to retake Eren who was kidnapped by the Female Titan, he was injured in a way that protect the hotblooded Mikasa, and he left the front line for a while, but currently the New Levi Squad is formed and he returns to the front line.

He showed a more emotional appearance than the present in the “A Choice with No Regrets” of the past chapters, and he turned on Erwin who took an easygoing attitude. In the anime version, he shouted at the Titan who ate Furlan and cut the Titan to pieces. After killing the Titan, he was just standing there with tears streaming.

The origin of the name is from the boy Levi in the movie "Jesus Camp".
The model is Rorschach appears in Watchmen ... He is very strong.
For the notation, see the page of “Levi”.


  • He is a black tea person. He admitted in the question-and-answer session of another manga, when they negotiated with the Reeves Corporation, besides the rare food that was obtained, he also requested to sell the black tea to Survey Corps on a priority basis. (What's more, when he drinks coffee ... He would be eaten by the Beast Titan)
  • It turns out that he cares about his height in a question-and-answer session of another manga
  • As for the age settings, the information is introduced the first time when the author said “the early 30s” in an autograph session.

Later, when Park who is person in charge confirmed with the author on the official twitter, the author replied that “He is older than 30-years old, but it may be contained in the future chapters, so I cannot say specifically”.

Participation in External Works


In the Ver. 3.2 of arcade card game of "LORD of VERMILION III” of SQUARE ENIX, he participated as a guest familiar spirit along with the Eren.
Race: Beast, Cost 50 (maximum cost is 90), Job: Attacker, Type: “Tetragrammaton Labyrinth”, participated as the small familiar spirits like HP500, ATK100, DEF70
The status being summoned is the numbers that can be acted as an immediate fighting power, it is HP550: ATK120: DEF90 at the time of awakening, and it is HP600: ATK200: DEF170 at the time of super-awakening, and he can also start a very powerful ability "Humanity's Strongest Soldier"
The effects of this ability are quite unusual like “the run-up distance of dash attack is shortened, and speed necessary for run-up is reduced, also the movement distance of the dash attack is increased, the dash attack speed is accelerated, cause the fixed damage regardless of the DEF additionally when attacking with dash attack''
The additional damage is also relatively higher by 20, and the movement distance of the dash attack is increased and the speed is also high, so it is easy to kill the enemies without letting them escape
In addition, because the run-up distance of dash attack is shortened, and speed necessary for run-up is reduced, there is a biggest advantage to escape with dash attack even being captured by a defender up to cost of 50”
The weak point is that he does not have a means to strengthen the status, so it's hard to demonstrate his true value unless he can master the dash attack.
Actually, this ability is ridiculously excellent as described above, but actually it has been weakened for the balance adjustment””
Before the weakening, the run-up distance and required speed were remarkably reduced, and it was an unusual performance that even a defender with a maximum cost of 90 could not constraint him
As described above, since a defender cannot constraint Levi as an attacker, it is no longer a weak point job, and the magician who is weak for the attacker cannot escape due to speeding up the dash attack and increasing the travel distance, even for the other attackers, they are afraid of this ability that is “much better than normal increasing movement speed”, so only Levi can win (only Rita Pattis who was very powerful at the same time could capture him, but she cannot win because of the difference of the status), and it became the unbelievable situation
As expected, he was shocked and weakened till now (although it is too much)
(For the details of the terms in the game, refer to here)


He participated in the period limit collaboration event "Attack on Titan - TITANIC YEAGER -” of the GRANBLUE FANTASY which is a social RPG game of cygames. As the setting, the continent that is the stage of the Attack on Titan is one of countless islands in the air world of Granblue Fantasy. The Granblue Fantasy protagonists riding airship of The Grandcypher arrived outside the walls close to the city due to the turbulence in the airspace. It is the deployment...that he is attacked by the Titans of the Attack on Titan world, and the Survey Corps came when he has been fighting and struggling with the toughness.
In the episode, there is a scene to help repair The Grandcypher, but maybe the clean freak personality has the strong effect to the aspect of the precision, he contributed to the repair and adjustment amazing carefulness which shocks Rackham who is a steersman to manage the ship.

He plays an active role in game battles, and he is a playable character when conditions are met.
The attribution is wind, and the rarity is SSR, which is the third example of a collaborative character in GRANBLUE FANTASY.
(Although it seems to be similar as the "original") There are concerns for the durability, and there are weak points including consuming one turn to replace the blade, but with the high attack power not far behind from the Eternals, and the attack power to be able to use triple attack until replacing the blades as an attacker is not far behind from the top attackers of SSR characters in Granblue Fantasy. Does it mean that “strongest mankind” in the Attack on Titan world is not an ordinary person?
In addition, Mikasa, who is also an advance character and playable, is SR, Eren of the lead hero is not a battle member It will become a giant in the Summon Stone frame to participate in the battle (Yes, For the time being SSR ...).

Colopl Rune Story

Participated as a guest with Eren and Mikasa in a collaboration event.
The flow of the draft story is that the characters in Expedition are blew off to the Colopl Rune Story suddenly, and they joined with the heroes and defeated the Titans together.
His attribution is Lightning, and the occupation is Cross Saber (two-sword style) in the game. In addition, the regular attack combo is his original ability.
The slow runner is his bottleneck, but after a short period, the firepower will continue to increase just by hitting the enemies.
Furthermore, he has the characteristic that the damage increases as the enemy's body gets bigger. Basically, the character shows off his ability to match the name of humanity's strongest solder in boss battles where big enemies appear easily.


In the real-time online battle game # Compass co-developed by "NHN x DWANGO", Levi could switch Eren who is the hero and joined the battles. Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske in GUILTY GEAR (ARC SYSTEM WORKS) appear in LORD of VERMILION III. Ryu and Chun-Li of Street Fighter V (CAPCOM) appear in GRANBLUE FANTASY. Emilia and Rem of Re: Zero (KADOKAWA) appear in Colopl Rune Story. Monokuma of Dangan Ronpa (Spike Chunsoft) and Hatsune Miku]], [ [Kagamine Rin]] and [[Kagamine Len]] of the 『Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates』 [[VOCALOID]] appear in 『Valkyrie Connect』. To tell the truth, he has already been co-starred with some collaborative characters in other works. Herewith, Dizzy of ARC SYSTEM WORKS. Aqua, Megumi of KADOKAWA. He started co-starring with Rachel Gardner and Isaac Foster of Stardust KRNKRN (free game)

Levi's unit is an attacker. The hero action is a rush attack using a vertical maneuvering equipment. He can jump and fly to a considerable distance. The range is limited only in the front, but all the enemies in the range will be attacked. In other words, the movement distance is upward compatible with Tadaomi Sakura, Sol and Rem. However, the enemy cannot be strongly blown away. The ability "Humanity's Strongest Soldier" increases his striking power whenever he attacks an enemy. It grows up to 1.3 times but it will be reset after 3 seconds.
The hero skill 『I may cut your meat cleanly』 activates a rotation slash attack to the front area. Immediate death if hit. Furthermore, if any one of “collision with wall or portal key” or “moving the distance to the limit” is hit, he will stop and attack the surrounding enemies. Of course, this is immediate death as well

Idola Phantasy Star Saga

Participated in the period limited collaboration event of Idola Phantasy Star Saga which is a smart phone RPG game of Sega. It is also the first external content collaboration for the game.

According to the settings, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Historia and Eren would be summoned to Vandor (the stage of this game) through Star Gate (Summoning from a different world) during the expedition, and a full voice original scenario as a member of the main power has been deployed.
Among the fellow trainees that have been summoned, Eren, Mikasa and Levi have been set up as character cards, you can use them as support characters in the collaboration scenario, and even the event is completed, you can continue to use them by getting them in the period limit Gacha.

He belongs to neutral territories and the character ability is wind attribution in the initial state.
He has the excellent single-target striking power and the continuous abilities including the common “Attack Smoke'’ (increase the regular skill effects of Survey Corps members), original skill “Rotation Slash” (attack two enemies with the fastest attacking speed) and "Disgusting" (throw the blades with super hardness and chase the enemies in all attacks of the companions in his turn), "Wings of Freedom" of Elemental Blast (Special Move) (cause heavy damage to the enemies and activate the effect of unconsciousness in some cases), and he is also good at being beforehand with the enemies.

It supports the original character enhancement system “Fate Branch” in this game, and you can also select the power-up scenario to continue to be Neutral or change to Chaos.
When it is Neutral, he will appear wearing the Survey Corps’ cloak, the basic performance is as it is, and the striking ability raises the standard.
When it is Chaos, you can change to the original costume that matches the world view of this work, and the skill and elemental blast will also change greatly to attack a single-target enemy, but the characters that can be formed to a team will be limited.

In IDOLA (the original battle system that transforms into a giant creature by combining the powers of allies), when he is acting as a leader, for some reason, he will transform into "Wolf] Lupus” like Mikasa.

Puzzle & Dragons

Participated in the period limited collaboration event of Puzzle & Dragons which is a smart phone RPG game of GungHo.
The newly evolved Levi has 80% resistance to distractions.
In the ultimate evolution mode, the single-target striking power will increase up to 9 times and the operation time will increase by 2 seconds, but it will be unluck when the type is an attack / machine. He fit together well with Shinobu Sensui who belongs to the same attack type.
There is also a cleaning version, and the illustration keeps the same composition as the ultimate evolution. It can supplement 40% of poison / disturbance / darkness resistance that has recently become more important.
When assisting equipment, it will be the feather duster, the poison / disturbance / darkness resistance will be reduced by 20% each, but with the assistance, the resistance to other monsters can be increased. Skills and bind / Full recovery in case of awakening failure + Strengthening all drops are strong and the attributions are great.

Actually, the distribution character Moogle has 40% poison / disturbance / darkness resistance, so it's strange that Moogle who is being equipped with the feather dusters is stronger than the cleaning Levi.


  • He was appointed as the toilet improvement leader of Osaka Loop Line in the collaboration of "Attack on Titan" and "Osaka Loop Line Reconstruction Project".

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Mystery of the surname (Note the spoiler of the original)

Levi's surname is a mystery that has not been told for a long time since his appearance.

His surname has been discussed on various sites,

In the Episode 56 of the original.

From one sentence of a person,
his surname which was veiled in mystery has been revealed___.

(Be careful about the serious spoiler in Episode 56 of the original in the link)

In the Episode 69, it turns out that he is the son of Kuchel Ackerman who is the lost sister of Kenny Ackerman, and she was working as a prostitute in the underground. After her mother died of illness, he was picked up by his uncle Kenny who is his mother’s elder brother. After teaching Levi how to survive (in the underground), Kenny left him.

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