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Eren Jaeger

The protagonist of Attack on Titan.

”I’m going to exterminate them! There won’t be a single one left!”
“I'll wrap that around you as many times as you want. Now and forever, as much as you want.''


^ Height 170cm
^ Weight 63kg
^ Age 15 (First appearance at 10 years old, joined [104th Training Corps > 104th Trainees]]) at 12 years o
^ Birthplace Shiganshina District at southern tip of Wall Maria
^ Birthday March 30
^ CV Yuki Kaji
^ Live Action Cast Haruma Miura
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 2, Second Poll: No. 3


His hair color is black in the original and it is dark brown in the anime. He appears as a young boy with a sharp look, but according to Keith and his half-sibling, he does not look like his father but his mother.
The color of the eyes is gray in the current original, and it is amber in the anime.
According to Armin, he has been described as "villain look with vicious eyes".



Blunt and reckless. Rush recklessly.
However, when he was 10 years old, he has clearly condemned the degenerated adults of the Garrison Regiment, and he and Mikasa have helped their friend Armin who has been bullied by the boys in the town. He is a person with a very strong sense of justice.
He has gradually tried to distinguish the shortcoming of low boiling point of the emotion and easily impulsive, but the habit that his ears will turn red when he makes a lie has been added in the anime, it is easy to come out for some of the people. However, he is quite a character actor when it comes to the crunch.
He is noticed as cocky at first glance, but he has the strength to stay firm in his willing, and he also had the spirit to throw away his pride and move forward by himself if needed even in the adversity. He also has sensitive awareness of others’ anger and grief, and he shows leadership while rough cutting.

On the other hand, the sense of pure justice that throws everything away also includes the danger of being called as a "suicidal maniac” by the fellow trainees, sometimes for his craziness, even Levi says he is "a monster that no one can stop".
When he was nine years old, he chased the human traffickers who killed Mikasa's parents who he had never met and took away Mikasa, he used acting that he was a child and mad the human traffickers underestimate him and killed them, after that he said that “we just exterminated beasts who happened to the similar looks like us”. From an early age he did not show any mercy to the opponents he recognized as evil.
By the way, this personality is inherited from his father Grisha.

Titan Shift Ability was found in the first battle as a trainee in the battle of Trost.
Since then, he has acquired super healing ability. The wounds like deficit incurred in human form can be healed when he returned to human form after transforming to a Titan. If those are slight wounds, even he did not transform to a Titan, those could be healed immediately. However, if one person is seriously injured, usually the person will not be cured immediately as a human.


He spent his childhood in Shiganshina where is the door to the outside at the south of the Wall Maria, and he lived with his father (Grisha) who is a doctor and his mother (Carla). After Mikasa’s parents died, she started to live together with his family. When he knows the “world outside the walls” through Armin, he has a dream of “going out of the walls and exploring the world someday”. For that reason, he was longing for the Survey Corps who are the one group to go outside the walls, and aimed to join it.

In the year of 845 (he is around 10 years old), he has lost his home and his mother due to the invasion to Shiganshina of the Titans with the appearance of the Colossal Titan, and he has a fierce hatred to the Titans and swears “"I’m gonna destroy them! Every last one of those animals on this earth” in his heart.
He should have met with his father after his mother's death, but Eren has lost the memory of such thing, and when he tries to recall it, he would have a severe headache.

After the fall of Shiganshina, he refuged to the Wall Rose which is further inland behind Wall Maria, and he was forced to engage in agricultural development in harsh environment. Later, he volunteered to be a 104th trainee at the age of 12. He ranks second in martial arts after Mikasa, and ranks fifth in 104th trainees.

After graduating from the Training Corps at the age of 15 in the year of 850, he "wants to kill the Titans anyway” and hopes to join the Survey Corps. When he was eaten by a Titan in battle of Trost located in south of Wall Rose, the Titan transform ability was found, and the human beings gained the victory the first time in the battles with the Titans over 100 years due to the strategy using the ability.

While there are followers who regard Eren as the hope of the human beings, there are powerful people who have the suspicion to the situation, Eren's loyalty and safety, both parties quarrel how to keep Eren safe, eventually the Survey Corps officially accept Eren with the decision of Erwin Smith, and he has been kept under Levi's surveillance following the intension of Levi.

From then on, due to the fact that “the existence of Ellen” and “the secret of the basement of the birthplace entrusted by Eren's father” are the keys to human’s counterattack, and he is also targeted by the intelligent Titans who are trying to capture him possibly for that reason, he will joins the battles with the guard of the Survey Corps including the Levi Squad.

As he became familiar with Reiss and his father Grisha, the ferocious impression faded and he became delicate. Although the trend of impression recovery has been seen recently, the ferociousness that readers have called as the destroyer still falls silent somewhere.
Also recently it was revealed that he had a half-sibling brother who is quite older than him.

There is a verse that he seems to long for the freedom eagerly, and he has the tenacity and desire for revenge to destroy the Titans, and he also feels anger toward “the enemies that prevent freedom”.
For this reason, when they expelled the Titans outside the walls and arrived at the ocean, he looks at Armin nearby who is crying when seeing the ocean and he understands that beyond the ocean lies the “existence to prevent freedom”. He says "If we kill every last one of our enemies out there, will we finally be free then?” and shows his willing to destroy the existence preventing freedom as well as the Titans.

Combat Ability

Simply speaking about his ability as a soldier, the talents other than combat fighting are almost average or even lower, and it is hard to say that he has the talent as a soldier handling the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment.
However, he has the extraordinary guts from the strong beliefs and hatred of the Titans, and he takes the approach to make up for the areas beyond his ability with extraordinary obsessions and efforts.
When graduated from the Training Corps, thanks to that effort, he has fought against the high-ranking people and achieved extremely excellent results as the top 5.
Also, in the actual battle, he was not afraid of any titans from his first battle, and he attacked the Colossal Titan alone. He showed his guts which can hardly expected to be a new soldier.
On the other hand, he takes many reckless and wild behaviors due to the above-mentioned personality, and it can be true that Mikasa said “Eren will die early without me around”.

After awakening Titan Transform ability, he used the giant body and the huge power to fight again the Titans by making full use of the high-level fighting skills, and he demonstrates an extraordinary annihilation power in the Titan form.
However, he did not have special abilities to compete with other Titan Shifters, and he was defeated in the battles with them in many cases.
However, he found the ability to manipulate the titans which is regarded as “Coordinates'' even temporarily, after the chaos of the Reiss family, he gained the same curing ability as the "Armored Titan'', so the possibilities are still unknown.

Ability to Transform to a Titan

^ Names Founding Titan Attack Titan Hammer Titan
^ Inheritance history year of 845 ~ year of 845 ~ year of 854 ~
^ Predecessor Grisha Jaeger Grisha Jaeger Willy Tybur's sister

The power is listed in the Nine Titans.
The "Founding Titan" has been inherited from generation to generation by Reiss family who is the true king of the walls, but in 845, Glisha who has the ability of the “Attack Titan” succeeded the new ability by eating Frieda Reiss who is the successor. Grisha then entrusts Eren for the power, and makes him to transform to a Titan and eat himself to let Eren inherit both abilities of the “Founding Titan” and the “Attack Titan”.
Later, on the year of 854 in Marley, he inherits the ability of the “Hammer Titan” by eating Willy’s younger sister.

About the name

According to the editor, the spelling of the name is "Eren Jaeger". In some translations, it is also spelled as Jaeger or Jäger.
"Jaeger (Jäger)" means **[[hunter]]**” or "** [[hunting solder]]**” in [[German]]. Ellen (Eren) is a common female name in the Western countries, but when spelling it as Eren, it is a common male name in Turkey.

Side Story

The words above (I’m gonna destroy them!! Every last one ... of those animals ... on this earth!!) are known as one of Ellen’s famous quotes, but “destroy” means “drive away”.
When adding “on this earth”, it has been used virtually as the meaning of “destroy”.

Participation in External Works


In the Ver. 3.2 of arcade card game of "LORD of VERMILION III” of SQUARE ENIX, he participated as a guest familiar spirit along with the Levi.
Race: Daemon, Cost 30 (maximum cost is 90), Job: Attacker, Type: “Bellwether”, participated as the small familiar spirits like HP400, ATK50, DEF30
The status is ordinary, but actually he can be a unique familiar spirit with the abilities mentioned below.
When being awakened, the status will be HP450: ATK70: DEF50, but the demerit ability “Shackles Of Destiny" will be activated, which will ”significantly increase the mana required for super awakening”, and the mana required will increase to 90 before super awakening is activated.
Therefore, it will cost total 150 mana including 30 mana for summoning Eren, 30 mana for awakening and 90 mana for super awakening, it actually need the same mana as 50 familiar spirits
As described above, the status is the same as 30 mana cost, so actually the period from awakening to super-awakening is stricter to endure than normal 50 mana cost of familiar spirits
However, the ability of “Hope for Humans" will be activated when you endure until super awakening is activated
There are unbelievable effects “Maximum HP, ATK, DEF is increased significantly, HP recovery by the increased maximum HP, the flicker of the opponent's attacker will not blast, blast with the flicker regardless of the opponent's cost” as the effects of this ability
Therefore, the status after super awakening is HP700: ATK220: DEF200, the opponent's flicker is disabled and blast with the flicker regardless of the opponent's cost. It achieves an unexpected tremendous performance at cost 30
As mentioned above, the weakness is how you can endure the period from awakening to super-awakening
Fortunately, Daemons can easily ensure the familiar spirits of high fighting ability with low-cost, so generally you can endure the period without issues
As a side story, “finally become a Titan in the case of super-awakening.
(For the details of the terms in the game, refer to here)

Colopl Rune Story

Participated in the battles as a guest with Mikasa and Levi in the collaboration event (By the way, Armin acted as an NPC).
There are two types of Eren, you can get the Trainees Version by clearing the quest and get the Survey Corps Version from Gacha.
In the Trainee Version, Eren’s movement is slightly slow and he cannot learn recovery skills by himself, but there is a hidden potential to be changed at once by doing the Class Change.
In the Survey Corps version, he has the fire attribution. When the action skill "... I’m gonna destroy them!” is activated, the character will transform to a Titan temporarily, and it will be almost invincible and can attack the enemies unilaterally.
In addition, you can control Eren who transforms to a Titan in some quests.

Idola Phantasy Star Saga

Participated in the period limited collaboration event of Idola Phantasy Star Saga which is a smart phone RPG game of Sega. It is also the first external content collaboration for the game.

According to the settings, Levi, Mikasa, Armin, Historia and Eren would be summoned to Vandor (the stage of this game) through Star Gate (Summoning from a different world) during the expedition, and a full voice original scenario as a member of the main power has been deployed.
Among the fellow trainees that have been summoned, Levi, Mikasa and Eren have been set up as character cards, you can use them as support characters in the collaboration scenario, and even the event is completed, you can continue to use them by getting them in the period limit Gacha.

He belongs to neutral territories and the character ability is fire attribution in the initial state.
He has the excellent single-target striking power and the continuous abilities including the common “Attack Smoke'’ (increase the regular skill effects of Survey Corps members) ability with the adding effects of Survey Corps in the normal attack, regular skills "Destroy'' (increase one's own striking power) and “Fist of Fury" (grant the status of single-target attack by Titan's fist + natural healing to oneself), and the "Titan's power" of Elemental Blast (special move) (temporarily transform to a Titan and cause heavy damages to single enemy).

In IDOLA (the original battle system that transforms into a giant creature by combining the powers of allies), you can transform into “Eren Titan Form” with a dedicated IDOLA by becoming to a leader.
“Fight!” of Elemental Blast in IDOLA version will gash the ground heavily by the landing from jump, it will attack all the enemies with the lifting, which just simulates the operation to retake Trost.

It supports the original character enhancement system “Fate Branch” in this game, and you can also select the power-up scenario to continue to be Neutral or change to Chaos.
When it is Neutral, he will appear wearing the Survey Corps’ cloak, the striking power increasing skill will also be added with the guts granting effect, moreover the survivability will be increased.
When it is Chaos, you can change to the original costume that matches the world view of this work, and the skill and elemental blast will also change to those targeting multiple enemies, but the characters that can be formed to a team will be limited.

View of Eren by the Author

Hajime Isayama] stated that Eren's personality was the completed Hero in the Shonen Manga], and he cannot put too much of himself into that." For this reason, when the story was made to the live-action movie, it was requested to change the personality of the character Eren to “a person who cannot move his body due to the terror when he met the Titans, and to be a completely different person".

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