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Chapter 1 : To The New World

First Official Event in fantasy themed project 'pixiv Fantasia NW'. Based on translation by 春菜(id=341287)

The fourth country has appeared--The New World.
It was the land where civilisation has been died out, and have no existence of humanity within the wide land.

Hyrond desires to conquer the new world.
Bryzhen desires to untie the mystery of new world's civilisation.
Amudamina desires for "Mysteries" of the new world.

Three countries has decided to set their foot on the new land, with different purposes for each.


Bloodcrystal Cave (血水晶の洞窟)

Let's try tunneling past this huge mountain range to get further in! These red glowing crystals could light the way...

Wyvern's Den (飛竜の廃墟)

Airships can't fly too well in the Skyless Plains, even though there's plent of space for them. Take back the sky from these fearsome creatures!

Moonlight Forest (月光樹海)

There's a vast forest to the east of the plains but they're quiet. Too quiet. Fearsome, blood thirsty beasts continue to pour into this forest, but we must prevail!



Area 1Bedrock Mole (岩盤土竜)
Blind beast that has a keen scent.
Needed Points to defeat50,000
MVP ItemBloodcrystal Claw


Area 2Airship Breakers (空船落とし)
Group of strongly territorial wyverns.
Needed Points to defeat70,000
MVP ItemCrimson Eyeball


Area 3 Instigator of the Forest (樹海の扇動者)
Strange plant monster that controls its parasitic seed's host.
Needed Points to defeat60,000
MVP ItemSeed of Forest


How to get involved

Tag your posts, following direction on the table below.

Name of AreasBloodcrystal CaveWyvern's DenMoonlight Forest
Tags for Hyrond(ハイロンド)血水晶の洞窟【青】飛竜の廃墟【青】月光樹海【青】
Tags for Bryzhen(ブライゼン)血水晶の洞窟【赤】飛竜の廃墟【赤】月光樹海【赤】
Tags for Amudamina(アムダミナ)血水晶の洞窟【黄】飛竜の廃墟【黄】月光樹海【黄】


Interim Report

【pixivファンタジアNew World】第一章中間発表

Bloodcrystal Cave160,122383,42292,770
Wyvern's Den543,081245,104128,868
Moonlight Forest384,562177,344517,198

King of Hyrond, Halleluah

" To ensure other countries do not get ahead of us, slaying the Wyverns must be set as our top priority. I don't care how you will achieve this - royal family is keen to help you in anyways. Good luck. "

Head of Bryzhen, Garnet

" Research says that cave is the way out to the other side of the mountain. But our way is obstructed by the dangerous specy in the cave. Gather competent warriors to slay the creature. "

Head of Amudamina, Mitsurugi

" We have identified the cause of how wild creatures in forests get aggressive - cause is in the big tree that positions in the centre of the forest. For further research, we will go further in to the forest. This is a dangerous mission that your life will be in danger. Prioritise safety of yourself and those around you. "

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