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Words that have been recommended to not be search. Also a Japanese wiki rating such things on a danger level of 1 to 7. It is very popular within Japanese internet culture.

This article contains shocking and offensive content. Read at your own discretion.
Note that these can vary to tame to extreme depending on the person.


The contents of this includes sites, images, videos, ect. of erotic (sexual), gory (R-18G), ghost stories, stories, surprises, etc.

However, some of them may cause damage to your PC, such as browser crashes caused by PC viruses or web scripts. Therefore, unless you have sufficient immunity, tolerance, and knowledge of personal information leakage and security, you should not search for them out of curiosity (you may need to search for them for academic or research purposes, but even in that case, you need immunity).

If an image, video, or exe (a PC executable file) is hit, the viewer will suffer some kind of damage. Genres include PC damage, gore, horror, occult, nonsense, insanity, depression, ect. In 2014, TBS aired a one-off TV program which examined search terms and urban legends.


In recent years, videos of people searching for words they shouldn't search for have become popular on video sharing sites. There are many different types of live search videos, so if you're curious about search terms, you can watch along.

Currently, the highest danger level is 7, but at one time there were even danger levels up to 8. The description was "may be life threatening" in bold red letters with a black background. Wiki archives from that time do exist.
Currently, the number of words registered in the Wiki is over 2100.


In this article, only items for which pixiv articles exist or going to (even if they are not included in the Must not Search wiki) are listed.

The contributors, administrators, and authors of this article are not responsible for any unpleasant feelings you may experience as a result of searching.

About Genres

Hall of FameParticularly well known in the Japanese language.
Culture ShockA culture that overturns the common sense of others. Note this may come off as discriminatory.
DepressionTragic content.
DeformityUnusual appearance. Can also come off as discriminatory.
GrossViolence and cruel descriptions and expressions, etc. (Original translation is Guro, akin to gore but this has been changed for sake of convenience)
TruthAn incident or event that actually happened.
Organism Creatures with unusual characteristics or abilities (fictional creatures are also included here).
NonsenseContent that is incomprehensible to the average person (Original translation is Denpa but this has been changed for sake of convenience)
MysterySomething that is shrouded in mystery.
StoriesBasically, anything that can be laughed off.
InsanityInsane and antisocial behavior.
SurpriseScary images, malicious prank videos, etc.
PervertedDepictions or expressions of special preferences, etc.
HorrorDescriptions that stir up fear.
Mind BreakMaterial that causes psychological damage.
FoodFood or drink.
PC DamageItems that cause damage to computers.
R-18Items that fall under the category of adult content.
OtherItems that do not fall under any of the above.

☆V☆E☆A☆H☆HorrorDance music video by Barbapapa.
Acorn WoodpeckerOrganism / GrossA bird that can effect people with trypophobia due to them making many holes.
AcrotomophiliaGross / DeformityThe fetish of amputees.
Ahenobarbus HenociedHorror / Mystery / Hall of FameWestern given name of a image of a gofun doll from a 2chan thread where the users edited her to be cuter. But westerns mainly don't know that and named it after a Facebook user's name using it as a profile picture.
Ai to Yuuki to KashiwamochiHorror / Hall of FamePuzzle game in the style of Yoshi's Cookie.
AmblypygiOrganismSpider, some have been sold as pets.
Backwards Girl: Endless Summer HolidaysR-18 / GrossA novel in which a girl is kidnapped, confined, and tortured continuously.
Brazen BullGrossCruel method of execution.
CandiruOrganismCatfish from the Amazon. Frankly, more dangerous than a piranha.
CarmineOrganism / StoriesBright-red pigment.
Cat SoupGrossCruel but award-winning anime. This can also mean the manga it was based off of (see Nekojiru)
Chargeman Ken!StoriesA crazy anime that has a lot of things going for it.
Chick MixerGrossChicks in a blender.
CockroachOrganismMost likely the most well known animal on this list.
Conker's Bad Fur DayGross / StoriesA parade of dark comedy and potty humor in a game developed by Rare Inc.
Darwin AwardsStoriesA tongue-in-cheek honor for people who died in a "idiotic manner" (unsusal).
Delete ImmediatelyHorror / OccultFake special screen of Japanese text covering the screen with the aforementioned title in Shin Megami Tensei II.
Demodex FolliculorumOrganismMicroscopic mite that can only survive on the skin of humans.
Depleted Uranium AmmunitionDeformity / TruthImages of deformed children born due to radiation hit.
Der FlohwalzerGross / NonsenseA execution scene in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.
Dnepropetrovsk ManiacsGross / Insanity / Hall of FameTwo 19‑year-old male murders from Ukraine. Known as Ukraine 21 in Japan (In reference to the number of known victims).
Don't Look for WallySurprise / Hall of FameA screamer flash game of Where's Wally (Waldo in North America).
DoragoryGrossA monster from the 7th episode of Ultraman Ace.
Doraemon the HorrorHorrorHorror parody of Doraemon by Hideshi Hino.
Ed GeinInsanity / TruthA murderer who was crafting with dead bodies.
Eight Feet TallOccultJapanese urban legend of a tall woman who abducts children.
EihortGrossA monster by H. P. Lovecraft
ElsagateGrossSocial issue on Youtube and Youtube Kids.
Eudocima TyrannusOrganismWhile not scary it's their larvae that is seen as creepy.
Evil Goddess MOCCOSStoriesPoorly made KOS-MOS figure from a expensive boxset.
Faithful Reproduction of a Dream I had TodayNonsenseMysterious text to speech video with visuals of the 1927 Metropolis Maria's Dance scene sped up.
Fancy IslandHorror / Surprise / Hall of FameBrowser game disguised as family friendly.
Female SageHorrorCharacter from Dragon Quest 3 but looking up the word in Japanese also shows up a scary face of a woman.
Foot BindingInsanity / TruthChinese custom of binding young girls feet to a small size. It was seen as a status symbol.
GiygasHorrorAntagonist of the MOTHER series (Earthbound). In MOTHER 2 there's a theory that they have a outline of a baby.
Gloomy SundayDepression / Hall of FameA song said to make people commit suicide when listened.
Gomenne GomenneGrossVocaloid song that been given many dark interpretations.
Hamster HellGrossStop motion cartoon by Lee Hardcastle.
Hakkōda Mountains IncidentGross / Depression / TruthLarge-scale distress incident that occurred in Japan in January 1902.
Happy Tree FriendsGross / Hall of FameVery violent web cartoon by Mondo Media.
Headless MamiGross / DepressionA meme centering around Mami Tomoe's death in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Heteropoda VenatoriaOrganismCommonly known as giant crab spider or cane spider.
Human CannibalismGrossHuman eating another human.
Hydnellum PeckiiOrganismA mushroom that looks like it's bleeding all over.
IkigusareNonsenseFictional deformed idol group.
Insane SetStoriesJapanese McDonald's commercial selling SpongeBob SquarePants toys.
Issei SagawaInsanity / TruthJapanese murder, cannibal and necrophile.
Jeff the KillerHall of Fame / Horror / MysteryA edited image of a person with pale skin and burnt off eyelids that is shrouded in mystery of it's origin.
Jellied EelsFood / Culture ShockThe world's worst tasting food, originating in England.
John Wayne GacyHorror / TruthSerial killer who enjoyed dressing up as a clown.
Junko FurutaInsanity / TruthJapanese schoolgirl who was held captive for 44 days. The contents of this is very extreme.
KiviakGross / FoodTraditional wintertime Inuit food from Greenland.
KunekuneOccultJapanese internet urban legend called Wriggling Body in English.
Kure Kure TakoraGrossTokusatsu kids' show with episode 220 never being rebroadcast. The contents was seen as verbally abusive towards the mentally ill with the character getting the abuse going on a violent rampage.
KesagakeGross / TruthName of a bear that most likely did the worst attack done by an animal. 60 armed men had to hunt the bear.
KogentaInsanity / TruthName of a cat tortured by a 2chan user.
Korean WarGross / TruthA war between North and South Korea.
Kuso Miso TechniquePerverted / Stories / Hall of FameGay manga that is very popular within Japanese internet culture.
KusozuGross9 stages of a woman's decay. Often depicts women such as a Empress to show "No matter how beautiful a woman is they will end up being ugly in the end.".
LeucochloridiumOrganism / Hall of FameParasites that use snails as hosts.
Linda³GrossOne of the few games given a 18+ rating on PC Engine
LampreyOrganismJawless eel with a with gross mouth.
Louis XVIIDepression / TruthA king of France who lived a tragic life.
LobotomyGross / TruthWorld's most dangerous surgery.
Magical DoctorSurpriseA Vocaloid song about drug abuse. It features a promotional video that flashes and spins violently.
Matsuyama Kyowa HospitalGross / HorrorMore specifically a harassment movement of shock sites disguised as review sites about the affiliated doctors.
Me!Me!Me!Gross / PervertedErotic, gory music video for Japan Animator Expo.
Mermaid in a ManholeGross / Hall of Fame4th movie by Hideshi Hino for the Guinea Pig series.
Mike the Headless ChickenOrganismA chicken who lived for 18 months after his head was cut off.
Momoiro UsagiSurpriseAn original song by Healing-P for Kagamine Len.
Mortal KombatGrossA brutal fighting game known for it's gory fatality animations. In a more scarier note this had effected the mental toll of the animators due to the references they used.
MopemopeHorror / SurpriseControversial music video almost falling into Elsagate territory by being heartwarming at first glance.
Nanase YuiR-18Name of a character from the kids' anime Go! Princess Pretty Cure but also a name of a pornstar.
NarutaruDepressionKnown as Shadow Star in the US.
Natsumi Step!Depression / Hall of FameHorror web anime made in flash. Takehara Minoru most popular work, even been seen by quite a few people in the west.
NeedlefishOrganism / GrossA fish that can jump out of the sea and kill people.
Negimaru!R-18 / DepressionHentai series of Negima! Magister Negi Magi.
Nevada-tanTruthName given to a 11-year-old female murderer by people on the internet.
NingenOccultA humanoid creature from Japanese folklore.
Noroi-chanHorror / StoriesCharacter from the TV program Shakiin!
NugumuHorror / StoriesA Virtual Youtuber.
panappHorrorAn ice cream that, depending on how you eat it, can create a creepy face.
PennywiseHorrorClown character from the movie IT
Pingu 24th EpisodeHorrorAn episode seen so horrific that it has been banned in some countries.
Pipa PipaOrganismA frog that can trigger people with trypophobia.
Please Don't Jack Off To ThisOther / Hall of FameSimilar to the The Author is Sick tag but with a sexual nuance.
Pokémon ShockTruthAbout the worst broadcast accident in anime history.
Popee the PerformerGross / Stories / Hall of FameCG' kids anime known for it's over the top violence.
Purple MirrorHorrorThe urban legend says that if you remember it until you are twenty, you will die.
Rorochan_1999Truth14-year-old Japanese live streamer that committed suicide.
Running CirnoHorror / Stories / Hall of FameA video made in MMD of a creepy running animation of Cirno.
RoadkillGross / TruthAnimals killed by car.
Rosalia LombardoTruthKnown as the most beautiful mummy in the world.
Sada AbeGross / TruthJapanese geisha and prostitute who murdered her lover during the Showa Era.
Saikin OsenDepression / DeformityAnother Vocaloid song with many dark theories.
Sampoong Department StoreInsanity / TruthDeadliest modern building collapse until the collapse of the World Trade Center.
Sasebo SlashingTruthThe event that Nevada-tan had partake in.
Satoru-kunHorrorJapanese urban legend of getting any answer from a public phone.
Saturn Devouring His SonGross / StoriesThere is actually two paintings of this, the more popular one is by Francisco Goya.
Sayonara wo Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~DepressionVisual novel by CRAFTWORK. A fan English translation was made on August 2021.
Sawney BeanGross / InsanitySaid to be the head of a cannibal clan.
SCPHorrorA site that collects fictional monsters.
Sennichi Department StoreDepression / TruthJapanese department store that went in flames.
Shōjo TsubakiGrossMore specifically the anime adaptation known as Midori in the west.
Shuji TsugawaHorror / Hall of FameA character from one Detective Conan's more depressive episode.
Sky BurialGross / Culture ShockFuneral practice of being eaten by birds on mountaintops.
School DaysGross / SurpriseOtherwise a normal harem anime till around the end.
Suicide ClubGrossKnown in Japan as Suicide Circle is a indie film.
SumarianHorrorSpecifically their wide eye statues (some much bigger than others) that bought up theories of the Sumer people appearance.
Sumo StickerHorror / MysteryMysterious stickers with two faces from Chaos;Child.
SpooHorrorMore specifically Shoko Haida's drawing of the character that became incidentally scary.
Squidward's SuicideHorror / StoriesSo called lost episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.
Terrifying Kyou-chanGrossParody of Hitoshi Matsumoto's Obake no Q-taro.
The Girl Who Trod on the LoafDepressionOne of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales.
The Headless Girl IncidentGross / InsanityA murder case that occurred in Aichi Prefecture in 1932.
This ManOccultA marketing stunt featuring a somewhat unnerving picture of a man's face.
Tiananmen Square MassacreGross / TruthAn incident that took place in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.
Toro on Holiday PhotoHorror / OccultA rumored photo of ghost in the game Toro on Holiday.
TrypophobiaGrossThe fear of holes, mainly many holes close together on say a body.
Tsunaka YurikoHorrorJapanese urban legend of a name that must not be enter in video games.
TtongsulGross / FoodAlcohol made from human feces.
Ultra-Super-DeluxemanStories / GrossScience fiction manga by Fujiko Fujio.
Username666Horror / Hall of FameHorror video by Japanese visual artist Piropito.
Waita UzigaGrossBizarre manga artist with his most known work in the west being Mai-chan's Daily Life.
William UtermohlenDepressionAn artist with alzheimer's disease most known of his portraits showing his decline over the years.
XXXR-18A term often use to mean porn.
Yoshie KimuraHorror / StoriesMain antagonist of Death Forest.
You Are An IdiotPC DamageA flash virus that would open many windows.
Yume NikkiHorror / Depression / Hall of FameGame where you walk around in a dark dream.
Zdzislaw BeksinskiHorrorWithin Japan it's rumored his art will kill you if seen 3 times.

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