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Chapter 2 : Lost Civilization

Second Official Event in Fantasy themed project 'pixie Fantasia NW'.

Passing through the plain, pioneers of 3 countries has forked west and east in to the new area. Over the mountain at west, awaits the mother earth that leaves trace of once thrived civilisation. To the east,there remains the ruins of other civilisation.
To probe in to secret of the lost civilisations, pioneers heads to blighted ruins.

Area 1

The Lost City (失われた都)

City once at the height of their prosperity had left perished buildings where wild beasts roosts.
Pioneers seeks for reason of civilisation being lost in the city.
But what's left in the city, is not only what it seems to have left...

Area 2

The Mechanical Ruins (機械の遺跡)

There was lingering architectural structure, fully constructed by machines, technology even unfamiliar by those of Brizhen's.
To seek the mysterious technology, pioneers reach inside of the ruins.
Detecting intruders, mechanical ruins silently starts to activate once again...

Area 3

The Labyrinth of Great Desert (大砂漠の迷宮)

Pass the forest, there was great desert with seemingly no end.
Pioneers tries to research the vast desert by many different approach.
While they are doing so, one pioneer group's airship flying above the desert discovers giant mysterious ruin stands in the centre of the desert.


Area 1Darkness Knowledge Eaters (知を食らう闇)
Creepy beings that absorbs their victim's knowledge.
Needed Points to defeat20,000 of 2 countries each
MVP ItemOld Days Memories


Area 2Mechanical Guardian (機械の守護者)
Boss of security automatons in the ruins.
Needed Points to defeat80,000 (total of 3 countries)
MVP ItemEngine of Other World


Area 3 (1st boss)Tyrant of Great Desert (大砂漠の暴君)
Boss of giant snakes that lives in the desert.
Needed Points to defeat200,000 (Until mid-term count day)
MVP ItemNothing (Not defeated)


Area 3 (2nd boss)Benitsuru the Red Winged Sorcerer (赤羽の術師ベニツル)
Cruel birdman of a criminal organization.
Needed Points to defeat50,000
MVP ItemIsdan Manuscript


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Name of AreasThe Lost CityThe Mechanical RuinsThe Labyrinth of Great Desert
Tags for Hyrond(ハイロンド)失われた都【青】機械の遺跡【青】大砂漠の迷宮【青】
Tags for Brizhen(ブライゼン)失われた都【赤】機械の遺跡【赤】大砂漠の迷宮【赤】
Tags for Amudamina(アムダミナ)失われた都【黄】機械の遺跡【黄】大砂漠の迷宮【黄】

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