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Demon's Eye

Demon's Eye (Tag name: 邪気眼) is a subcategorized tag of Chuunibyou
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Demon's Eye is a form of Chuunibyou, not to be confused with Evil Eye, whic..auugh...! Damn! calm down my arm!

— Phew. Those who do not possess any power of darkness will never know anything.

It's is a term only the chosen ones...those who wield the Eye of Darkness will understand...

The Revelation To Those Known as Gods of Light

I have a special power.

From the adolescent boys and girls' perspective, they thought this is defined as a sub category of chuunibyou which is highly influenced by anime, manga, games and light novels. When spiraling out of control, they manifest as a delusional imagination where a fragment of divine or magical power, formed and then sealed inside the bearer's hand.

I am the chosen one. I'm different than those lowly pesky humans around me!

Are you saying that these are just weird delusions sprouted by a weirdo who says something completely incomprehensible? ...Meh, what do they know? However, I should thank them for mentioning this special ability. No commoner could have possibly understand the value of my mindset.

Ugh, not again...my arm's acting up! Damn them, they found me and now they are after me...!

—Oh well, there is no need to hide from them. I'll fight back, and from there I'll have you know that your pesky, lame magic proves no match against my dark aura!

"Delusion fantasy"? As if! You just don't get it at all. You are merely ignorant because you attempt to shove away with your weak claims. Just you see, You will see it for yourself once you realized and witnessed the darkness of everything in this world...

Light is but an illusion. The world is truly a world controlled by darkness!

This is also the reason why Dark History exists. It is proven true and some cases stated that this "copy-paste" like term gave birth to the "Demon's Eye" phenomenon as well.

Since the every individual possess different power when awakened, various kinds of ability exists.

Regarding this so called adolescent personality, there are also many works that exist in proportion to those easily influenced by them during their growth.

*—My skill, "漆黒の闇" ("Black Darkness"), granted me the ability to control the power of chaos at will.

Simply put, it's a version of middle school play from self-invented heroes or anime characters. Although it sounds cliche. There is also a little sister version of this called "Eira"(影羅).

Just feast your eyes and witness the blood-bounded power of mine pact with Lucifer!!

Embrace the roar of darkness gnawing the land!

Darkness Demon—Shining God End!!

The Forbidden and Unspoken Scriptures

When I thought it would be cool during my mid-school days,

I bandaged my arm even though I wasn't hurt anywhere, and suddenly I squeeze at them mumbling with a heavy breathe, "Gwargh....Oh damn!... The pain!..." and I followed with, "Must be THEM, they are close!"

My classmates then asked, "why are you doing?"

And I answered, "Fuh... Demon's Eye (the "third eye" I hold which the setting came from my own)... For those who don't have it will never understand..."

Then I head somewhere where no people would know and disappear.

—In the quiet classroom during the test. I said, "Ugh... this again... how persistent they are" and then quickly burst myself out from the classroom...

Whenever I recall it I feel like dying.

During a judo lesson, where a contest is conducted, when my arm was hurtfully grabbed by my opponent's arm and I shout "G... uh... get away from me... If you don't want to die, then get

away from me NOW!!"

When the P.E. teacher realized what kind of student I was, the contest was cancelled.

It was like that every day.

But, when a group of delinquents came to a weird character like saying,

"Come on, show us your Demon's Eye!"

I told them, "...Hmph... What tiny nitpicks... Get lost" which made the delinquents rage and I got sleeper-held, then at this time my hand acts up as it hurts, sprouting, "You... Unforgivable..." and in a split second, pretending to cling on my arm while saying, "Khah... Q-quiet... my arm... Don't give in to the rage!!" at the same time my arm is surpressed.

With that, I ended up buying time and waited for the break to end.

Anyway, it was a nightmare having to deal with such situation during the recess time, along with the short break between classes...


Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Lite ep.2 (the episode can be found at Youtube) contains a prime example of a "Demon Eye" case, where Rikka Takanashi claims to have her arm possessed by some unknown power.

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