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Internet Slang

Internet Slang (インターネットスラング) is a form of communication that came from the internet.


Internet Slang (インターネットスラング, often shorten to ネットスラング) trace their roots back to PC communication.
Some have their roots in personal computer communications, and some have become popular and are used outside the internet.

The definition and scope of the term may vary from person to person: words used only by specific users on social networking sites, such as young people and otaku who are into subcultures; words of wisdom and terminology that appeared in anime, manga, and games; words and behaviors that spread from the comments and actions of entertainers and comedians on TV, radio, and other media, or ordinary people who attracted attention; mass media terms; political terms; hidden words; and informal terms.

In the past, a great deal of net slang originated from TV and other media, but in the 2010s, the percentage of net slang directly from that media has been decreasing, probably due to the shift away from TV.

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