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List of Internet Slang

List of slang used on the internet.


This article focuses on words that have articles in the pixiv encyclopedia, are used as tags, and are often used on pixiv. These include words that have been used since the pre-internet days of PC communication, words that do not originate from the internet, such as industry words and student words, words that are mainly used in English, Chinese, and Korean speaking countries, and dead words.

For words used only on pixiv, see also the list of impression tags, the list of evaluation tags, the list of praise tags, the list of story tags, and the list of established words.

Note that this includes banned words, inappropriate obscenities, discriminatory labeling, and slander against specific individuals or companies.



  • 55 Meaning go go!, use during online gaming.
  • 2ch Brain - A way to describe a user with a problematic behavior.
  • 4channer - A user from 4chan.


  • AA - Characters made with ASCII Art.
  • A Master Is Out - A mistranslation of My Master is out.
  • AMV - Meaning anime music video, often used in the west.
  • Anon - Use to mean an anonymous user.
  • Anti - A person who is against something. Can be a negative term to some.



  • Chuunibyou - A mental state a lot of people go through (or merely enter) around 7th grade.


  • Dandere - A way to describe a character with an anxious personality.
  • DQN - Pronounced as dokyun. A term to refer to delinquents.



  • Hikikomori - A Japanese term of someone suffering from social withdrawal.
  • Husbando - Western term given to a fictional male character found attractive as a contrast to waifu.



  • jk - Meanings just joking, used to explain when you meant something as a joke.


  • Kimoi Girls - A meme that was referenced in the Easy Modo meme.
  • Kita - A expression of excitement.
  • ktkr - Meaning this is here (来たこれ, kita kore).
  • kys - Acronym for kill yourself, used as a form of harassment.


  • lol - Meaning laughing out loud, used for anything found funny.
  • ROFL (ROTFL) - Meaning rolling on the floor laughing.
  • LMAO - Meaning laughing my ass off.


  • omg - Meaning oh my god, used a statement of shock.
  • Otaku - A negative term of people with consuming interests within Japan. In the west it tends to just mean fans of anime.


  • Moonspeak - Derogatory term for non-English text.



  • Riben Guizi - Chinese racial term meaning Japanese devil.


  • Special Feeling - From a interview where a guy says "being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.".




  • Yaranaika? - A line from Kuso Miso Technique meaning "Shall we do it?".
  • Yandere - A character trope of a clingy and violent person. The term has been use on real people but has not been taken well.

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