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Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri is a demon slayer in Kimetsu no Yaiba

「It doesn't matter. I can't make decision for myself.」


BirthdayMay 19(Kanao's birthday was decided to be May 19, the day Kanae Kocho and Shinobu Kocho adopted her, since her actual birthday is unknown.
Age16 years old
HeightAt the time of selection 152cm→Around the time of ninth volume 156cm
WeightAt the time of selection 44kg→Around the time of ninth volume 46kg
Birthplace Hontokoro District, Tokyo Prefecture(Now: Mukoujima, Sumida District)
Interests Blowing soap bubbles all day
Favorite Foodall of Aoi Kanzaki's cooking、Ramune
Character Voice Reina Ueda (上田麗奈)

Kanao Tsuyuri is one of the fellow swordsmen of the protagonist, Tanjiro.
She is characterized by ponytail on the right side of her head and western-style clothes like skirt and boots. The hawori she wears is in plain color without patterns.
She takes the challenge of Final Selection in the same day as Tanjiro and is one of five survivors. Compared with Tanjiro and the other two companions who were covered in bruises (Inosuke was not in the meeting place, so it was unclear about his condition), Kanao was not only not injured at all, but also kept clean, and passed the selection as if nothing had happened.
When she appeared again later in the Natagumo mountain, she was appointed as the commander of the post-battle processing force Kakushi. It was revealed that she was the tsuguko of Shinobu Kocho.


Kanao Tsuyuri is an elusive and mysterious beautiful girl who often smiles gently but always keeps quiet. She also showed no interest in the dispute at the end of the final selection.
Because she was cultivated as a tsuguko, she was the first to learn Full Focus Breathing· Advanced among all her fellow teammates. With overwhelming power, she easily passed the Final Selection.

She was born in an impoverished family and was abused by her parents (Although she had several siblings, most of them died of being abused by her parents.) She closed her heart in order to get out of this miserable life eventually. (She said thatwhen I die one day, all my pain will be ended.)Her parents sold her to traffickers. When she was led by traffickers with rope, she was saved by the sisters Kanae Kacho and Shinobu. However, at that time, she could not think with her own mind.

"It doesn't matter, and I can't make any decision by myself," she said. You can't do anything about it. You can't even decide if you want to eat or not. She can't do anything if she doesn't speak it out. She can't even decide whether to eat or not.
Therefore, without being instructed, it is up to Kanae to toss a coin to decide whether or not to do this.

However, after the meeting with Tanjiro, she was inspired by words of Tanjiro that there is nothing that doesn’t matter in this world" and “the human heart is the prime motivity, so the heart can become as powerful as it would be. Instead of relying on copper coin to do things, she began to listen more to her inner voice.
For example, when Aoi was forced to go on a mission by Uzui, to help her and Naho, Kanao dissuaded and stopped Uzui (she was struggling with whether to use copper coins or not up until the last minute, though). And, when Tanjiro finally woke up from his two months’ sleep due to serious injury after the Entertainment District Arc, Kanao cried and consoled him with reassuring words.


Full Focus Breath of Flower


A type of Full Focus Breathing derived from the Breath of Water, used by demon slayers to behead demons. The feature is that each style has one name of flower.
In addition, in the colored version, different effects are colored according to corresponding flowers. It shows the exquisite details.

  • Second Form ~ Sixth Form
Please refer to Breath of Flower for details.

Watch out for spoilers

  • Final Form Scarlet Spider Lily Eyes(Higan Shugan)
    • Language of Flowers:I only think about you.


This is a special unique technique that only Kanao Tsuyuri can use.
It is a technique that can make the blood of the "breathing in full focus", which activates the body's functions, flow to the eyeballs, and improve kanao's ability of super-vision (static/dynamic vision).
When using this technique, the opponent's movements can be seen in slow motion. From the perspective of the expansion of cognitive time itself, it can also be inferred that the intentional overproduction of anesthetic in the brain can be forced to transfer to emergency state of consciousness.
One of the biggest benefits she enjoys, based on the super quick reactions she gets from this technique, is more accurate "judgement."

However, needless to say, the optic nerve of Kanao is under great pressure, and the retinal vessels expand to the verge of rupture, her sclera is tinged with vermillion just like the spider lily. Therefore, the longer this technique is used, the greater the risk of becoming blind.

Sense of vision

Just as Tanjiro has an excellent sense of smell, Zenitsu has an excellent sense of hearing, and Inosuke has an excellent sense of touch, she has an excellent ability of static/dynamic vision.

At the beginning of the rehabilitation training, Kanao, together with Tanjiro and another companion, passed the reflex training and full-body training with ease. Although being a tsuguko for a long time might have some positive effect to it, Kanao’s sense of vision might be the main reason.

And in battle with Doma in Infinity Fortress, she observed the subtle movements of his shoulders, gaze, toes, elbows and knees to predict what he'll do next.
Because Kanao was able to dodge Doma’s stubborn attack constantly, she fought so excellently that Doma thought that she might be more powerful than the Young Female Hashira .


The Nichirin Sword

This sword is made of scarlet iron and ore, which are collected from the mountain closest to the sun and illuminated by the sun all the year round. Because immortal demons can only be killed by the sun, so this knife is the only weapon that can cut off their heads and kill them. Please refer to here for details.
Since The Nichirin Sword of Kanao is colored in pale red , it seems to be more like Breath of Flame than “Breath of Flower”(derivative of “Breath of Water”).
Although it is a fierce "demon slaying sword", it is a sword with gorgeous design of circular pattern on its blade which is suitable for young female team members.

Team uniform


The team uniform is black Gakuran with a word “Metsu” on its back.
The uniforms are made of special fibers, this uniform have good air permeability and are waterproof and fireproof. In addition, the uniform was so strong that normal demon's claws and fangs could not tear it apart.
Kanao's uniform is specially customized as miniskirt (please refer to here for speculated reason)

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