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Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji is a character in manga Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is one of the most powerful Hashiras of the Demon Slayer Corps which is a non-governmental organization.
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「Leave it to me. I will protect us all.」


Birthday1st June
Birthplace Igura, Azabu district(now Azabudai, Minato District), Tokyo
Hobbycooking、has never lost a Menko game
Favorite foodSakura Mochi
Voice ActressKana Hanazawa

Mitsuri Kanroji is one of the top swordsmen-a“Hashira”in the Demon Slayer Corps. She is the current 「Love Hashira」and a beauty.

Her sexual attractiveness is prominent. Tanjiro who does not know much about sexual feelings once got a nosebleed because of her. And Genya who has just entered puberty is unable to utter a word in front of her because of her overwhelming sexual attractiveness.


Her hair color was originally black, but rummily turned into pink that faded into a neon green color at the halfway point due to the over-consumption of Sakurai Mochi at ten years-old. She has one of the two unexpected bodiesthe other


She is quite tall among women at that time. Mitsuri wears a modified version of the standard Demon Slayer uniform; the breast area is left unbuttoned to accommodate her huge boobs. Some readers also call her the「Boob Hashira」.

This unconventional uniform (as mentioned above: the breast area is left unbuttoned; plus she wears a mini skirtin place of the usual hakama) is made by a creepy Kakushi who also gave this uniform to Mitsuri in person.

Although she herself has doubts about the embarrassing outfit, she seems to assume from the Kakushi’s assured attitude that all the other swordswomen get dressed alike (It was until she met another swordswoman Shinobu in a Hashira Meeting that she got to know the truth).


Mitsuri Kanroji easily gets crush on people. Her interior monologues, such as 「Iguro! Being there all alone! So cute! 」; 「Shinobu looks angry! She is so cool! 」, etc., show that she has an unusual girlish sensibility. This sensibility makes her find every gesture and expression of the people around her attractive.


Mitsuri was struck with panic and cried to Tanjiro just because her greeting is ignored by Genya, and even her boobs was about to slip out because of the panic. However, she soon cheered up because Tanjiro told her that they would have Matsutake rice for dinner. With a few exceptions, most Hashiras are cool and quiet. However, Mitsuri is Innocent, emotional and expressive.

Mitsuri is not typical as a Hashira. Unlike other Hashiras who are fanatical in their resentment towards demons, she is gentle and has flexible reasoning capacity.

She has four siblings and is friendly to demon Nezuko. She would tickle Nezuko, play with her, and gently stroke her head. Nezuko is also fond of Mitsuri, insomuch as to want to have the same hairstyle as Mitsuri.

Mitsuri’s face suddenly darkens when she is told that the Shinazugawa brothers are not on good terms. She thinks it is scary of Sanemi Shinazugawa to deny his little brother Genya, but at the same time she also truly cares for them.

On the other hand, she praised Tanjiro for his victory of killing the Upper Moon Demon. Even her motive is kinda odd, she is somehow determined when facing tough fights. As they were parting each other she also said to Tanjiro that 「Let’s meet again if we both survive.」.

Mitsuri is, in no way, merely shallow and blindly optimistic. She is a mentally and physically strong woman. Every time she fights against demons, she makes her attitude very clear that she does not like those who hurt others for fun.


Super strength

Mitsuri Kanroji is amutant individual.

She has a special muscle composition with a density eight times that of a regular human(She has an official title: 「Hachibai Musume(eight times girl)」). There is a little episode about her super strength. The one year and two months old(the age of a coddler as for normal humans) Mitsuri, out of concern for her mother who was then pregnant with her little brother , once lifted a four kan(equivalent to 15kg)weight stone. Her mother, on the spot, praised Mitsuri for her boldness and also for the first time in her life got paralyzed with fright.

Contrary to her glamorous figure, she has the super strength to tie for the third place with Rengoku, Sanemi Shinazugawa and GIyu out of all Hashiras in the arm-wrestling contest.

She gets stronger after joining the Demon Slayer Corps. And as a Hashira she survives such a narrow escape from death in so many fights. When put into exertion, the unrivaled strength and endurance of her body have even stunned the Twelve Kizuki.

Still, with the muscle exertion undone, Mitsuri also possesses incredible flexibility and nimble reflexes. So, it can be said that Mitsuri is a combination of strength and yieldingness.

However, there is a disadvantage of this super strength. To maintain the composition of her body that consumes quite a large amount of energy, Mitsuri eats as much as three sumo wrestlers. Notably, in Taisho era Japan, high-protein, high-calorie food is very rare. The situation might restrict Mitsuri’s movement and action.

Maybe that is why recently she likes those posh western foods. As a result, her food expense is outrageously high.

In modern concept, this physical condition is actually a genetic disease called 『Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy』. Any individual who has more than two times the usual amount of muscle in one’s body should receive medical treatment; otherwise the condition might be fatal.

Full Focus Breathing Breath of Love

Only Mitsuri possesses the techniques because of the specialty of her Nichirin sword, and her super strength and yieldingness. The movements of her techniques are almost like acrobatics and too fast (even faster than Uzui who is a former Shinobi) to catch.


As a member of the Demon Slayers Corps, Mitsuri is equipped with a Nichirin sword and a uniform.

Mitsuri also has a kasugai crow that informs her of the new mission. And her kasugai crow wears a shamrock-shaped crown on the top of its head and is more docile compared with other crows.

Nichirin sword


The Nichirin swords are forged from a unique scarlet ore which is found on Sunlight Mountain and can constantly absorb sunlight all year round. Decapitation by Nichirin sword is one of the only ways a human can kill an immortal Demon. For details please refer to the specific entry.

Mitsuri’s Nichirin sword is an 『unconventional sword』 made by Tetsuchin Tetsujikoura the chief of Swordsmith Village. The steel of this 「masterpiece」 sword though made extremely thin and soft, will never break in an expert’s hand. The sword does not cut both ways, and only one side of the blade is sharp. However, Mitsuri wields this sword like a gymnastic ribbon. By waving the swords gently as well speedily, Mitsuri is able to attack demons from all directions and defense herself from attacks coming from all directions.

The blade is pink (red system). Mitsuri wields this sword to cut demons in half. This indicates that she is highly compatible with “Flame Breathing”.

As a Hashira, Mitsuri’s Nichirin sword is engraved with “DESTROY DEMONS” too.

Besides, the hand-guard is in a『shape of four-leaf clover』which as a Japanese sword’s hand-guard, is quite unique.


There is a kanji character meaning “DESTROY” on the back of the uniform. It is stand-up collar style, made of special materials that are breathable, do not easily wet and do not easily ignite. It is also highly durable and cannot be slightly scratched by minor demons.

It was「not ladylike」to expose too much of the skin in Taisho era Japan. From a conventional perspective of view in the Taisho era, Mitsuri did not dress properly. To make it less as bad, she usually wore a pair of knee socks Iguro gave her.


After the fight in Natagumo Mountain, Tanjiro was brought to the Ubuyashiki Estate where a Hashira meeting was held. And Mitsuri made her first appearance in the meeting.

While most of the Hashiras insisted on an immediate execution of Tanjiro and his younger sister Nezuko, Mitsuri proposed that there was no need to rush into conclusion because the leader Ubuyashiki must have grasped the overall situation regarding Kamado kids. When Ubuyashiki asked Hashiras to take in Kamado kids, she also made a statement that she would agree if that was Ubuyashiki’s decision. To sum up, from the beginning, Mitsuri showed a steady, thoughtful attitude different from other Hashiras.

Since this chapter Mitsuri did not show up for a while. Until the 100th chapter, she re-appeared.

In order to get a new sword, Tanjito visited the Swordsmith Village and met Mitsuri there who was bathing in a hot spring(hair bra (breast only covered by her own hair)).

Then in chapter 101, when asked by Tanjiro why she became a『Hashira』, she said that 「Because I want to find a gentleman who would marry me for life !!」. It made clear that she joined the Demon Slayer Corps in hope of finding a husband. She also said that 「I liked men that are stronger than me」, 「but I could not find one, so I became a Hashira myself」.

The reason was very girlish and did not suit the murderous atmosphere of story realm at all. The contradiction created a very good comic effect. Tanjiro was completely confused by this answer (the narration wrote that everyone who heard this felt the same way).

Later on, Mitsuri temporarily left the village, but returned immediately on hearing that two Upper Moon demons were attacking the Swordsmith Village. She killed in an instant the fish-shaped monster that was strong enough to slaughter the resident demon slayers in the village. This showed her strength as a Hashira.

Then she joined the fight against Hantengu’s incarnation Zohaukten. She became unconscious for a while but recovered soon because of the assistance of Tanjiro and some others. Then she kept fighting Zohaukten until Tanjiro slashed the torso of Hatengu’s real body. The fight was so tense that she shouted out miserably that 「aaaaaa~~~~~!!! That’s it!! Sorry, I think I will be killed~~!!」. However, Tanjiro succeeded in slashing the torso of Hantengu’s real body in time. Zohaukten and the Blood Demon Art Tokage also vanished immediately. Mitsuri then rushed back to join Tanjiro and others. They were all cheerful about their victory and survival.


Demons were absent from Mitsuri’s early life. She started attend marriage matching activities when she turned seventeen.

However, her unusual appetite due to the high muscle density eight times that of normal people and her strange hair color, etc., all lead to her being seen as a freak. Men would say something like :「only bears, pigs or cows are the right match for you 」or 「I can’t bear the thought of my children inheriting that strange hair color

So, in order to get married, she tried many methods: pretending to be feeble; dying her hair black, getting on an excessive diet. As a result, she started to lie to herself which made the family very worried about her.

Gradually, she started to hold doubts and realized that 「I want to embrace who I am and to help others」. Under such circumstances, she joined the Demon Slayer Corps. After joining the Demon Slayer Corps, the appraise from Ubuyashiki and the Kakushi people, the grateful tears from people she protected from demons; etc., all made Mitsuri get to appreciate the advantages of her physical condition.

Being a supergirl deprives her of a civil life. Somehow ironically, it is being a supergirl that allows her to fight demons in a healthy and sound status without sacrificing her humanity.


In the setting period of this manga-Taisho era, customs passed down from Edo period were still deeply ingrained. Women would be appreciated to have a modest figure. Maybe this was one of the reasons why Mitsuri was completely unpopular in Endan.

However, inside the Demon Slayer Corps, instead of being constrained by customs, people coming from various kinds of backgrounds *preferred actual benefits*(to go further to be royal to the instinct). Therefore, many male demon slayers were fond of Mitsuri.

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