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Kyoujurou Rengoku

Kyoujurou Rengoku is a demon slayer in Kimetsu no Yaiba.

「Growing old and dying is the beauty of the fleeting creature called a human being.」


BirthdayMay 10
Age20 years old
BirthplaceKomazawa Village, Ebara County, Tokyo Prefecture(Now: Sakurashinmachi, Setagaya City)
InterestsNoh play, Kabuki and watching sumo wrestling
Favorite FoodMiso soup of sweet potatoes
Character VoiceSatoshi Hino (日野聡)

He is one of the most superior members in Demon Slayer Corps, Hashira(. He is the Flame Hashira who is capable of employing Full Focus Breath and breath of flames to the extreme.
He wears a haori in the shape of flame.
He is a bright and sanguine young man with a keen insight, and is relatively a person with common sense among all the peculiar Hashiras.
He honed his talent as swordsman through unremitting training and combat experience in the forefront. The power of this technique is spectacular, it can mitigate the impact of tens to hundreds of tons of trains.
Therefore, he is the most reliable and trustworthy person among the superior members of Demon Slayer Corps.

When meeting with Tanjiro for the first time, he saw him companied by Nezuko as a demon. He said that protecting demon obviously violated the discipline of Demon Slayer Corps and then said in a strong voice that he would behead all the demons!
But later, when Kyoujurou took action together with Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke and when he battled against Enmu who ranked first in Lower Moon of The Twelve Demon Moons in the train, he saw that although Nezuko was injured, she was still fighting to protect the passengers. Kyoujurou changed his mind and admitted that she was part of Demon Slayer Corps.


His family has existed for several hundred years ever since Kokushibou was a human being. He is the eldest son of a noble family of swordsmanship who inherited the "Breath of Flame". His father was former Hashira, and he was a professional demon slayer who began to train assiduously from a young age. His mother, who died when he was young, said to him, ‘it is the responsibility of the strong to help the weak.’ His mother's gentle and warm arms is the spiritual backbone for him.
He was cultivated by his father with enthusiasm and patience during his youthhood. However, after his mother died, his father began to hit the bottle and gave up the guidance for him. After that, he had to read the guide book of Breath of Flame at home by himself and eventually became a Hashira.
Although he was ignored by his father who only said some perfunctory words to him, which made him feel lonely and painful, but in order to fulfill his duty, he was still moved ahead.
Although he was a good person who took care of the juniors, his disciples all fled away due to his extremely strict training. He had no Tsuguko when he first appeared in the manga, Furthermore, the current Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji is the former Tsuguko of Rengoku.
Not to mention his quality as a swordsman, he also has the ability to quickly identify the battlefield situation and the ability to quickly and accurately judge the strength of the young swordsmen on the scene and then gives clear instructions. He possesses a good tactical vision and is also very competent as a commander.

In addition, when performing the task of attacking Enmu mentioned before, Kyoujurou, a Big Eater, ate 11 station lunches, which surprised Tanjiro. However, Tanjiro later met demon slayer Mitsuri Kanroji who ate much more than Kyoujurou.
He is a popular history teacher in Kimetsu Academy World. He got 28 Valentine's Day chocolates.

Family composition

Father Shinjuro
He is former Hashira.
He became Hashira of Demon Slayer Corps which had a high casualty rate, but one day he suddenly decided not to be a swordsman.
He said that he was devastated by his own incompetence and the death of his wife. After that he decided not to be a swordsman, and he began to treat his young sons indifferently.
Although he was a tough person when he appeared in the manga at the first time. However, when he knew that Kyoujurou did not complain about him even on his deathbed and was still worried about his body, he began to reflect and regret about what he had done.
He was a teacher of swordsmanship in Kimetsu Academy World. And he is depressed for his disciples have diminished recently.

Mother Ruka
She has passed away. In spite of her poor health,she is a gentle and beautiful woman with great tenacity.
She exerted a great influence on Kyoujurou. And she passed away before her second son, Senjurou, grew up.
She is a calligraphy teacher in Kimetsu Academy World.

Brother Senjurou
He is still alive. He is several years junior to Kyoujurou. Even though the two brothers look alike, Senjurou gives the impression that he is kind of weak.
Unlike Kyoujurou, he is not good at swordsmanship. Although he was born in a noble family, The Rengoku, he felt ashamed that he could not change the color of his Nichirin Sword no matter how much he practiced. However, after he met and talked with Kyoujurou, he decided to summon up the courage to give up swordsmanship and go his own way.
He is an ordinary middle school student in Kimetsu Academy World.

Interpersonal relationship

He is enthusiastic about taking care of the younger generation, and he has a very close relationship with the younger generation in this work.

Mitsuri Kanroji
She is also a swordsman serving as the Hashira of Demon Slayer Corps.
As mentioned above, she was originally learning the breath of flame as a disciple of Kyoujurou, and she was quite suitable for the breathing of flame herself. However, because her movements were too unique, Kyoujurou gave up teaching her as a Tsuguko.

Tanjiro Kamado・Zenitsu Agatsuma・Inosuke Hashibira
They are the team members fighting together on the final mission. It is commonly known as Kamaboko Corps.
When fighting on the train, the three men said that let me be the Tsuguko. The blood of Muzan Kibutsuji made the strength of Enmu stronger and the three men fought against Enmu together.
Although they did not become the Tsuguko, the existence of Kyoujurou exerted a great influence on the three, especially Tanjiro. In the important moments such as fighting with demons and negotiating with people, Kyoujurou 's face will appear in his mind, and he will recall his last words like“Set your heart ablaze!” and “You should live with your chest puffed out.” and Tanjiro still admires Kyoujurou very much.
If they become the Tsuguko, they will become good masters and apprentices.

Nezuko Kamado
At first, he demanded punishment for Nezuko because she was a demon. However, after seeing her fighting for human beings on the train, Kyoujurou changed his mind and finally admitted that Nezuko was a member of Demon Slayer Corps.


Physical ability

The physical quality of the selected demon slayers through training is much better than that of ordinary people. According to the "technique of full focus breath" described later, they can instantly improve their physical ability to fight with demons.

Full Focus Breath of Flame

肆ノ型 盛炎のうねり

Through the significantly enhanced heart and lung, a large amount of oxygen is absorbed into the blood at one time, and the body's ability is greatly improved instantly. The sword which possesses the power to battle against demons is used to cut off the demon's head with the technique of "Full Focus Breath".
Breath of Flame is one of the five schools of Full Focus Breath which has many schools. This technique featuring its great power which is capable of letting people unable to move is symmetrical to the "Breath of Water" which is dominated by the shifting feet.
Moreover, the user was strongly informed that "Breath of Flame" cannot be called "Breath of Fire".
This difference between Breath of Flame and breath style of Tanjiro ,Dance of the Fire God, which he learned from his father is….
Please refer to Breath of Flame for details.


Demon slayers are provided with Nichirin Sword s and team uniforms.

The Nichirin Sword

This sword is made of scarlet iron and ore, which are collected from the mountain closest to the sun and shined by the sun all the year round. Because immortal demons can only be killed by the sun, so this knife is the only weapon that can cut off their heads and kill them. The blade of the The Nichirin Sword of the Hashiras including Kyoujurou is engraved with the words "Demon Slaying", which has a sense of special design.
Also known as the “color-changing sword”, the sword of Kyoujurou features sharp and flame-shaped blade with white handle and sheath.
In addition, it is rare for the The Nichirin Sword, which values practical application, has a blade like blazing flame.

Team uniform

The team uniform is black Gakuran with a word "SLAY" on its back.
The uniforms are made of special fibers, this uniform have good air permeability and are waterproof and fireproof. In addition, the uniform was so strong that the demon's claws and fangs could not tear it apart.

Most of Hashiras redesighed or dismantled their uniforms. Kyoujurou was dressed in shirt and Gakuran. In addition, he wore Haori with flame pattern on it.
Moreover, although his hands do not pass through the Haori, no matter how intense he moves, the Haori will not fall off.

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煉獄 杏寿郎

Related character

Aioloshis passionate and glorious way of living is closely connected with the life policy of the young people headed by the protagonist. However, Tanjiro can observe Kyoujurou 's life state in real time, so it's easy to speculate that Aiolos exerted a great influence on Seiya.

Kineshi Hairo"passionate man" , "he is respected by his peers", "his name contains the meaning of heat and flame ("Purgatory"、"Pyrokinesis"), " they all have flame properties (Kyoujurou can employ Breath of Flame , Hairo has the ability to melt snow) ", " they have something in common ", and so on, there are many common elements.

In the 22nd episode of the anime version, all the Hashiras appeared in one scene, some of them actually shared the same voice actor, therefore many audience said only the voice of Hairo could be heard, which became a topic on the Internet when it was broadcast.

Like Kyoujurou, Erio MondialSubaru Nakajima and Ginga Nakajimaare all big eaters who can eat up a mountain of lunch boxes.


Although there are many characters with strange names in this work, Rengoku is a family name that does not exist.
When this magazine was published, the performance of ‘Ninth Style: Purgatory’ was indicated as ‘Breath of Fire’. However, it was changed to ‘Breath of Flame’ when it was published in the eighth volume of separate edition.

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