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Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui (宇髄天元) is a character in manga Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is one of the most powerful Hashiras of the Demon Slayer Corps

From now on, let’s go flamboyant


Birthday31th, October
Birth placeunknown
Hobby go hot spring tour with wives、visit select but little-known hot springs
favorite foodFugu-sashi(Globefish Sashimi)
CVKatsuyuki Konishi (小西克幸)

He is one of the top slayers of the Demon Slayer Corps, the 「Sound Hashira」who practices dual wielding. Men of his height (about 180cm) were rarely seen in Taisho Era. Anyway, Tengen is a very tall, wide-set handsome man of a bulky, muscular build. He wears a punk makeup, and is styled with a diamond pyroxene headband. He likes the lavish style, always wants to complete actions 「flamboyantly」. He calls himself the 「the Godflamboyant」(=the God of fete). And in his dictionary, the word 「plain」is a swearword. (In the main story, he swears at enemies:「Go to hell in a plain style!」)

Three months after the tragedy of the mugen train, Tengen was assigned with the mission of finding out demons that are lurking in the recreation district Yoshiwara. He sent his three wives to spy on the location, but later lost contact with all of them. So Tengen had to go to Yoshiwara to continue the mission. He decided to kidnap several girls from the Butterfly Estate, but he had some problems to do this. However, he ran into TanjiroZenitsuInosuke who volunteered to disguise as women to go for the mission instead of the girls.

Then, they managed to accomplish the Demon Slayer Corps’ long-cherished wish to suppress Upper Moon demons once again after one hundred and thirteen years. However, in the fierce battle with Upper Moon Six- Gyutaro and Daki, Tengen lost his left hand and left eye. Then he had to give up his position as a Hashira member and retire to be a common demon slayer responsible for training the young.


Tengen was one of nine children from a surviving line of Ninja that was on the verge of extinction in Taisho era. Tengen was brought up to be the leader of the next generation. However, seven of his siblings died in their father’s extremely abusive training, living only him and the second youngest brother. The harsh and abusive training their father made them endure made his brother become just like their father, uncaring towards life and using people as tools. However, Tengen, deep down in his heart, thought this kind of attitude towards lives was very questionable.
Together with three Kunoichi( SumaMakioHinatsuru), he chose to be a fugitive Ninja and joined he Demon Slayer Corps. Now he is absolutely reverent and loyal to the leader of Demon Slayer Corps Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the one who respects and understands his ambivalent way of life: fighting at the frontlines while rebelling against the value what was installed in him during his youth.

The three Kunoichi are his wives. He sometimes sends them for secret inspection missions This does not mean that he does not value their lives. On the contrary, his『priority』is: firstly his wives, secondly honesty and lastly his own life.

He would display an uncaring and forceful attitude towards slayers who are under his command, for example, he would say something without scruples, such as 「I am the God, and you are dust」「always remember to read my face and court wholeheartedly.」. Or to be more precisely, Tengen acts in that style.
In fact, he would never risk the lives of his subordinates for incautious arrangements. During a mission, when he lost contact with Zenitsu, he did not act impartially. Instead, he apologied to those low-ranked slayers including Tanjiro for getting them involved and ordered Tanjiro and Inosuke to run for a chance of survival .

In the fight against Upper Moon Six, he was saved by the timely intervention of Nezuko using her power to burn the poison out of his system. And he also thought that Tanjiro shared the credit of killing Upper Moon Six. Since then, he started to treat the Kamado kids as his successors. And later on, when he met Tanjiro again, he seemed very glad.

Besides, Tengen’s natural face (not wearing any makeup and accessory) is very handsome to an extent that would make those recreation district Madams shy(but he himself would 「never want to look plain」). One can never imagine from his daily style what he looks like without the makeup. That is to say that he is using Ninja’s art of stealth. (Normally, a Ninja would hide himself by 『changing the face line with an in-mouth cotton』『a fake mole』『reshaping the shape of eyebrow』)
However, when using makeup to transform Tanjiro and the others into women for a lurking mission, he intentionally powers them clumsily. So Tanjiro and the others disguised as female are criticized to be ugly by the waitress at inns.

Zenitsu is totally jealous of Tengen because he is handsome (natural face), high-ranked and has three wives.

By the way, he has three wives not because he is a women’s guy. Polygamy is the custom of Ninja village, and the village chief chose three wives he deemed appropriate for Tengen when he turned fifteen. (According to fan-book)


Actually, he is not as talented as the other Hashiras.
As it will be mentioned below, Tengen himself has realized this fact too. While Kyojuro Rengoku is able to fight Lower Moon One without causing any fatality, and is that close to decapitate Upper Moon Three, Tengen is draped in an inferior position when fighting Upper Moon Six alone. In terms of strength alone, he is considered to be inferior to other Hashiras.

Physical ability

As a well-trained demon slayer who has passed all the tests, Tengen’s physical ability can’t be measured by comparing it to normal humans. What’s more, the later introduced「Full Focus Breathing」can instantaneously boost his strength and agility to equal a demon’s.
Talking about wrist force (arm wrestling contest), he ranks second out of all current Hashiras (the first place belongs to the Stone Hashira). However, in terms of comprehensive combat ability including swordsmanship, he is inferior to other Hashiras (Tengen is self-aware about this fact).
His speed together with a Ninja’s bulky and muscular body build makes him far out of reach of those low-ranked slayers including Tanjiro. Moreover, though he wears noisy accessories all over his body, he can move towards a target without being noticed at all. The target is unable to notice that Tengen has come close until Tengen speaks to him.

Command skills

Tengen was trained to be a Ninja leader. This extra experience makes him an extremely excellent battlefield commander.
Hashiras are selected for their combat ability, and most of them intend to act alone. From a certain point of view, compared with other Hashiras, Tengen who excels at both combat and command is a more valuable fighting force.
With good command skills, Tengen uses three Kuroichi as the main backup force and he can skillfully bring out the over performance of young slayers. So those young slayers when properly allocated to various combat groups are even able to fight against the Twelve Demon Moons.


As a former Ninja, Tengen has acquired various kinds of special skills, and is sophisticated.
Tengen knows some pharmacology. He uses poison and explosives he formulates to fight demons. Besides, owing to years of training, he has developed much stronger drug resistance than ordinary slayers.
Tengen only knows human pharmacology, so the poison he formulates to fight demons cannot be compared with that of Insect Hashira who focuses on demon poison.


He can get to know precisely the structures, locations of people and objects by analyzing the sounds reflected. His excellent hearing is beneficial for both direct combats and espionage activities.
Besides, he has the perfect pitch.


Fumen is a battle algorithm combining Tengen’s super hearing and battle techniques.
Tengen has his own way of analyzing enemies which allows him to read their small habits (attack and defense) that they make while fighting. Accordingly, Tengen can organize the most efficient counterattacks.
This technique can improve both offense and defense levels. With this technique, demon slayer teams have a better chance to win when confronting strong high-ranked demons. Only that, it takes long to capture an opponent’s behavior pattern.

Full Focus Breath - Sound Breathing

An amplified cardiorespiratory endurance can increase the amount of oxygen in one’s blood thus can instantaneously boost one’s strength and agility to slicing through demons with a wielding of the blade.
Tengen is never officially trained by a cultivator (Sodate). Sound breathing is branched off from one of the five basic breathings: Thunder breathing. He develops this style to better fit himself. In conjunction with sound breathing, he uses special bombs to give more devastating attacks to demons.

First style thunder(todoroki)
Tengen crosses his swords above his head and slams them down at bombs with great force whilst simultaneously creating an explosion with bombs. The penetration is high because the impact of the explosion is concentrated at one point in front.

  • Forth style Death Knells of Avici(Kyozan Muken)
Tengen stands still and holds his swords apart and spins them rapidly in conjunction with releasing his bombs.
The posture of standing still allows him to aim at the front and make strong consecutive wields. In terms of attacking power, it is the most powerful technique.
Fifth Style Symphony of Shrill Strings(Meigen Soso)
Tengen holds one of his swords with a reverse grip, and spins the other using the chain that connects them. At the same time, he releases numerous bombs to detonate.
This technique is not only highly destructive but also can block demons’ hearing and sight with its thundering and explosive flame.


As a demon slayer, he is furnished with uniform and Nichirin Sword.

Nichirin Sword

Decapitation by Nichirin sword is one of the only ways a human can kill an immortal Demon. For more details, please refer to related linkage.
Hashiras’ Nichirin swords are engraved four kanji characters meaning “DESTROY DEMONS”.
The color of Tengen’s Nichirin sword is unknown. Judging from the color cover of the manga book, it would be orange. The color of yellow indicts high compatibility with Thunder Breathing.

Moreover, the shape of his two larger-than-normal swords is not how a「Japanese sword」would be shaped. The length of the sword almost equals Tanjiro’s height and its ridge is as wide as a child’s body. Both swords have a notch in the sharp ends of their blades and are held together at the hilt by a strong chain, which enables Tengen to give variable and consecutive attacks.


There is a kanji character meaning “DESTROY” on the back of the uniform. It is stand-up collar style, made of special materials that are breathable, do not easily wet and do not easily ignite. It is also highly durable and cannot be slightly scratched by minor demons. Tengen wears a sleeveless version of the standard Demon Slayer uniform because of his large figure and thick forearm.
In terms of defensive effectiveness, Tengen’s uniform might be disadvantageous. However, as a Hashira, Tengen’s opponents would only be those demons (e.g.“disaster”) that can easily tear the uniform just like tearing apart a piece of thin cloth. So actually, this uniform will not become a disadvantage.

Kasugai Crows

Kasugai crows can talk and understand human language. Each slayer has one. They would appear suddenly from nowhere, deliver missions and related information to their designated slayers.
Tengen’s crow is super stylish--the crow fashion leader. It is just very stylish.

The buff mice

Shino-beast buff mice. They are Tengen’s attendants.
Those mice are highly intelligent and have received special training.
Every buff mouse is strong enough to hold up one sword.
(by the way, a Japanese sword weighs roughly 1kg)


Except Himejima and Uzui, the other Hashiras’ acrylic stands are priced at 800 Japanese Yen. As it is mentioned above, Uzui is very tall, and his acrylic stand is priced at 900 Japanese Yen(Himejima’s is priced at 1000 Japanese Yen).

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