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Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is the heroine of Kimetsu no Yaiba.
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「Go ahead! Let’s do our best together! Go fighting!」


BirthdayDecember 28
Age At the beginning of the story 12 years old→After final selection 14 years old
Height At the beginning of the story 150cm→After final selection 153cm
Weight At the beginning of the story 39kg→After final selection 45kg
Birthplace Kumotori Mountain, Okutama county, Tokyo Prefecture(Now: Kumotori Mountain, Nishitama)
Intereststailor(She was proud that her products can be sold)
Favorite FoodKonpeitou
Character VoiceAkari Kitou (鬼頭明里)

Nezuko Kamado is the heroine of Kimetsu no Yaiba and sister of the protagonist, Tanjiro.

She has long hair with several places knotted, and she wears linen Kimono with leaf patterns and has a belt of Ichimatsu Pattern around her waist.

She lived a simple and happy life with her family. However she suddenly suffered a cruel disaster, transforming from human to Demon .

She resisted the desire to consume people as a demon, and along with her brother, she protected humanity and embarked on an endless journey to turn back to human.


When she was a human


She is the eldest sister among the six siblings of her family, and she is also a famous beauty in the town.

Tanjiro's contemporary teammate, Zenitsu, was deeply attracted by her beauty.

She is a gentle girl who values her family very much. After her brother Tanjiro went out to do the business of selling charcoal, she took care of her brothers and sisters at home with her mother.

By the way, her ideal male image before transforming into demon was a man like Rook(Shogi). (※Rook: Shogi piece which moves vertically and horizontally, and will become Dragon King in enemy lines)

She is very gentle, however she is also as persistent and stubborn as her brother. Her younger brother Takeo said she used to be angry with an adult who pushed a boy over and made him injured, and then she asked the adult to apologize.

At that time, Takeo complained that ‘you are angry for others without considering yourself, so one day you will lose something important, which is terrible.’

After transformation into demon

At the beginning of the story, she was transformed into Demon by Muzan Kibutsuji, she became a hungry beast and attacked Tanjiro. But after she heard Tanjiro's call and saw Giyuu Tomioka fighting Tanjiro, she was desperate to protect her brother.

Then Giyuu somehow made her exhausted and calmed her down. And after the transformation, she can only communicate simply, and the principle of her action is very simple. In addition, in order to prevent her from eating people, her brother made a bamboo mouth cangue for her to bite, so she could not speak. The original bright eyes also become very empty. Her fingernails became very sharp.


However, although it is not certain whether it is due to her own quality or tenacious will, she suppresses the desire of the demon to eat human flesh, and she protects her brother as a demon. It can be said that she is an unorthodox demon who slaughters demons.

When Tanjiro became apprentice of Sakonji Urokodakiand began to engage in training, somehow, Nezuko began to fall asleep and did not wake up.

After two years of slumber

Through training and testing, Tanjiro became a member of the demon slayer corps. When he returned to Sakonji’s home, he found that Nezuko had woken up, she ran out to greet Tanjiro.

And it's a miracle when it happens to demons. Instead of replenishing energy by eating people, Nezuko became able to replenish energy through sleep, which demons originally don’t need to do. After that, if she was exhausted during the battle, she would replenish her energy in time by sleeping. At other times, she was either sleeping or in a daze like an infant.

(However, she can feel hunger and has a strong desire for human blood in case of emergency. Since she can employ reason to restrain her impulse, she has not hurt any human being. )

Since demon will turn to ashes when exposed to the sunlight, she always sleeps in a ‘box’ on the Tanjiro’s back during the day.

Although the approach was different, she became the second demon who got rid of Muzan's curse by herself after Tamayo.

After the battle against Hantengu, she became the only demon who was not afraid of the sun in a thousand years. Although she stuttered, she was able to speak (so the shackles of her mouth were taken off).


Mentally, just like other demons transformed from human, her memories usually get muddled and infantilization happens to her.

In the battle, because of Urokodaki’s intimation, the ideas were deeply engraved in her mind that all human beings should be regarded as "family members" and "eliminate all the demons that hurt your family members". Therefore, if there are demons that hurt human beings near her, she will immediately attack them. However, to a certain extent, she still retains a little thought of her own. She was obedient to the words and guidance of her favorite brother, Tanjiro, and she will judge first and then act. Except for Tanjiro, all the other family members are dead, so she is very disgusted and angry with Muzan and other demons of Upper Moons with his blood.

In the scene outside the battle, she always interacts with her brother like a spoiled child. When Tanjiro was unable to wake up as a result of Blood Demon Art, she couldn’t understand why and just ‘want to be stroked’. This childish desire made her lose her sense. She made her brother all covered with flames using Blood Burst (to be described later), which was a noticeably reckless behavior.

However, after battling with Rui, her feelings became richer. she was extremely angry at Sanemi Shinazugawa who had hurt and provoked her. When she saw the lovely goldfish, she turned very gentle.

In addition, in the next episode of extra chapter of the animation, she imitates her brother's style of Breath of Water. And we can also see her look of anxiety When her brother broke his bone (because she can't speak, she makes sounds of "woo ~").

Although it's a digression,her eyes are highlighted on the attached page of Volume 6 (It is depicted from episode 56 in this chapter. ), indicating some changes are happening to her day by day.

Like her brother, she could hear the voices of dead family members when she closed her eyes.

And in episode 19, "The Dance of Fire God", it's actually the second time she ever spoke after 17 episodes (she's not actually speaking from her mouth, it's like she's speaking with consciousness in her head, which is described as a technique in the animation).

In addition, in the original animation scene of the 25th episode "Tsuguko・Kanawo Tsuyuri" (Tanjiro said to Nezuko when Nezuko was sleeping in her room in Butterfly Estate), "In order to make Nezuko return to human being, I must try my best to send powerful demon blood to Tamayo " and he wondered if he could do it himself.

Later, he heard the encouragement of Nezuko ‘you can do it’. (But when Tanjiro looked back, Nezuko was still sleeping as usual. He seemed to have a hallucination).

Stance of Demon Slayer Corps

After being found by the Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho, in Natagumo Mountain, she was to be executed on the spot. However, according to the order of the top commander of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, she was protected and Kagaya Ubuyashiki held a Hashira Meeting for Nezuko. Although some of the Hashiras protested at the meeting,

Kagaya Ubuyashiki believed that Tanjiro and Nezuko might be the key to change the current situation.

Nezuko hadn't attacked anyone in two years.

When Nezuko was stabbed by Sanemi Shinazugawa and in the process of consuming her energy, she did not attack Shinazugawa who was bleeding.

Her past performance worked, and Hashiras agreed to suspend her punishment as long as Nezuko didn't attack humans.

In addition, if Nezuko attacks people, Tanjiro must kill her on the spot, and he should also commit suicide after that. Moreover, Sakonji Urokodaki and Giyuu Tomioka who introduced Nezuko to Demon Slayer Corps were supposed to commit hara-kiri.

Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira, who usually performed tasks with Tanjiro and Nezuko, could not do something like that. However, there are members who have families and close friends killed by demons in Demon Slaying Corps. The Hashira strongly demanded that Nezuko be punished because they have seen what these demons have been doing all along.


Physical ability

As a demon, she is basically immortal. Apart from being exposed to the sun and beheaded by The Nichirin Sword, she basically won't die. Even if her limbs are removed, she can regenerate it in a short time.

And because Nezuko obtained a great mount of demon blood from Muzan Kibutsuji, so she possessed brilliant physical ability as a young demon. Her fierce fist can break the demon's viscera, and her ferocious kick can kick the demon's head away.

However, Nezuko does not master the techniques of combat, nor is she capable of engaging in complex thinking mentioned above, so her attack pattern is very monotonous, and she has weaknesses that can be easily seen through.

In addition, demons enhance their physical abilities by constantly devouring people, and can use the special ability of "Blood Demon Art". However, it was unknown that Nezuko did not consume people, she employed her own will to increase the strength when facing the impending crisis, and she even mastered Blood Demon Art described below.

Physical changes


This is also one of the basic traits of demons.

Because she was capable of manipulating her body size to a certain extent, she would shrink to a infant body when she was placed in the box on the back of Tanjiro, and during the battle she just turn back to her original physical size of 14 years old.


During the journey, in order to fight against Disaster her brother encountered, she gradually grew into adult physique with longer hands and feet which are more suitable for fighting.

However, since her adult body was demonized, the instinct as a demon is also revealed. Moreover, she is more likely to fall into a state of hunger for her physical consumption is large. If she employs this ability for a long time, she is more likely to be driven by the accumulated desire to consume people.

Therefore, at the very beginning of her transformation into adult, she nearly lost control after letting enemies seriously injured. However, Tanjiro managed to stop her in time, and she calmed down after listening to her mother's lullaby.

In addition, she learned to control her own power after this battle. She did not lose control when she transformed into an adult later, and battled against stronger enemies with her brother.

Blood Demon Art  Blood Burst(Bakketsu)


Through exploding her own blood, this technique can make the objective who is stained with the blood burn and explode.

This power of fire can even burn out the steel threads used by The Twelve Demon Moons who is directly subordinate to Muzan Kibutsuji.

However, besides its great power, the biggest feature of this technique is thatit only burns the cells of demons.

People and clothes will not be burned even when they touch the flame, moreover, the flame has the effect of detoxification. Wrapping people in the flame can detoxify the poison of demon in the human body, and can even weaken the effect of technique.

In addition, employing Blood Demon Art to burn demons can slow down the regeneration speed of the injured part and it even cannot be cured. Even for the demons of Upper Moons, who have strong regeneration ability and can heal injured body in a second, their regeneration could be somewhat hindered. Since it has not been used on ordinary demons, that effect is unknown.

Since all demons were produced by Muzan who gave his blood to them, this technique of Nezuko can be regarded as the [[flame of killing parents>Kagutsuchi no Kami]. It is a very special and contradictory existence.

Because Blood Demon Art uses the blood as the medium, when Nezuko is uninjured, she uses her own claws to scratch her body to perform this technique.

In addition, because combat with Blood Demon Art consumes more "energy" than ordinary combat, Nezuko needs to sleep and replenish energy according to the frequency of using this technique after the battle.

It seems that Nezuko instinctively understands the energy consumption of employing Blood Demon Art. Therefore, she tries to fight with physical techniques as more as possible according to the power of demons.

Blood Burst Sword(Bakketsudou

She smeared her blood on Tanjiro's Nichirin Sword and then performed Blood Demon Art to make it burn. The color of the burning sword turned from black to red.

Employing sword in this state to battle against Hantengu of Upper Moons can temporarily restrain his troublesome ability.




The main weapon Nezuko employs in combat are her legs. This beautiful girl who put on the kimono dignifiedly showed her beautiful legs without any hesitation during the battle. Without any hesitation!

Fans often talk about her powerful and robust feet which can kick the demon's head off. The period of the anime is Taisho era when women do not usually wear underwear especially in the countryside, so she is very likely to be wearing no underpanties (when battling against Hantengu, her hips are exposed).

『Another protagonist』

As the story goes, the specificity of Tanjiro's genes becomes the focus of attention, and of course, as his sister, Nezuko also inherits the same genes, which may have something to do with her specificity.

Display on computer

The correct radical of“禰”of Nezuko is "礻".

However, because the correct font is displayed on the current JIS, the font cannot be displayed correctly without the Unicode variants selector. It is not recommended to use "礻爾豆子" in terms of appearance or search accuracy.

"礻" can be displayed by font, and there are many softwares which have no variants selector, there are also fonts which have no variants selector.

In addition, the font of "禰" began to appear in JIS83 of 1983,similarly,"竈" replaced "竃" in JIS83.If Nezuko who was born around 1900 was immortal, she might get confused.

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Nezuko is demon slayer


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