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Qpixiv6Yukata&Wafuku (Qpixiv6 Yukata and Japanese Clothes) is an illustration contest in pixiv, which the best works selected from this particular category will be published in the upcoming 「Quarterly pixiv vol.06」.

Event Details

The current illustration contest for 「Quarterly pixiv vol.06」 will be collecting illustrations based on 3 themes available : Free theme, Yukata and Wafuku (Japanese clothes) theme, and Ano Hana theme.

For Yukata and Japanese Clothes category, any submission that are related to the portrayal of characters in yukata or Wafuku in festivals, or fireworks (or other portrayals as long as yukata or wafuku is involved) falls into this category. Works that are :

  • R-18
  • Depicting any form of obscenity, torture, discrimination, or public offense
  • Considered by Enterbrain to be inappropriate
  • Outside of the given 3 themes, especially on the portrayal of other existing works (derivative works)
  • Missing any necessary, or contains mistaken information

...will be disqualified from this contest. So please be careful when submitting.

Submission Method

For this category, please attach any relevant submission using the Qpixiv6浴衣&和服 tag in order to enter the competition.

Submission Period

July 11, 2011 (Mon) ~ 11:59pm (Japan Standard Time) August 8, 2011 (Mon)

For Ano Hana category, the submission dateline is on the 11th of August (Thu)

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