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Shin Takahashi

Shin Takahashi (高橋しん) is a Japanese manga artist most known for Saikano.


Shin Takahashi (高橋しん, originally 高橋真, Takahashi Shin) is a Japanese mangaka born on September 8, 1967 in Shibetsu, Hokkaidō.

He entered Yamanashi Gakuin University and ran the final 10 sections of the 63rd Hakone Ekiden in 1987.
Although it was the team's first time competing, they finished 15th overall, and Takahashi's individual performance was a stellar 11th in the section. He had a great influence on the younger members of the team.

After winning the 11th Spirits Award Incentive Prize for Suki ni Naru Hito, Takahashi made his debut in 1990 with Coach No Ma Teki Shido Gaku (Please note that this title is a unofficial translation so it may be wrong).
His representative works include Saikano, Fragments of You, and others.

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