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Uise Ito

A virtual YouTuber active on YouTube, a ghost who likes to tell stories.

Hello...! I'm Uise Ito. ......!
I'm a ghost who likes to tell stories.


birthdayJanuary 3
Height153cm(including shoes)
Favorite FoodProsciutto, macaroon, berry tart
Food you don't likevegetable
Favorite Thingshorror
hair color light purple
character designYukisame(reference)


Uise Ito (Tag name: 初世いと) is an virtual YouTuber who started her activities in November 2020. Her first tweet on Twitter was on November 10, the same day as the creation of her Youtube channel (in Japanese, 1 can be read as "i" and 10 as "to"). She does not belong to an office like Hololive, etc., and works as an individual.

As you can see in her profile, Uise is a ghost. I don't know when she herself died, but she is at least an adult. Her dislikes are vegetables. Her favorite things are prosciutto, macaroons, and berry tarts. That's why her pixivFANBOX plans are called "Macaron Plan (500 yen)," "Berry Tart Plan (1000 yen)," "Prosciutto Plan (3000 yen)," and "Prosciutto Berry Macaron Tart Plan (5000 yen)," respectively. Her cause of death was probably excessive salt or diabetes.

Her favorite thing is horror. She seems to be able to tolerate horror so well that she sleeps with it playing like a lullaby.

The standing pictures are by Yukisame, the same artist who did the standing pictures for HololiveEN's Mori Calliope. She has light purple hair, a white collar with frills, and a black outfit. Her trademark is a purple flower hair clip. There are two types of standing pictures, one without a veil (when first released) and one with a veil (YouTube link). The candle she holds in her hand was created by Yukisame "on his own because he thought it would look good on me" (according to Yukisame's fanbox), but she liked it so much that she adopted it. He liked it so much that he adopted it and it was reflected in his guess mark. The flowers on her hair clip and shoes are said to be flowers that bloom in the underworld.

(Here is the Twitter link)

General tags about her#初世いとConspicuous use with early tweets and illustration tags
illustrations#110artCompared to pixiv, many of the illustrations are based on distribution events.
Tags during live stream#110live #110live is a mix of completely different posts, so it's better to post with #初世いと. But it is useful if you want to see what Japanese viewers think.

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