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We Want To Save Mary Too

We Want To Save Mary Too is a tag for illustrations where no matter what, we want to rescue Mary from Ib.

We Want To Save Mary "Too"

This tag is "We Want To Save Mary Too." The "too" is important.

Basically what we have to say here is that Mary and the fem guy with seaweed hair and the badass little girl should all be equally happy.

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Spoiler Warning

In ver1.02, picture books and crayon drawings, as well as what is believed to be Mary's diary, were added to the room where her painting is hidden. Many players probably feel guilty when examining these after burning her painting.

And then, in the version update ver1.04, one of the two new endings is a story so sad and painful for her that it's been deemed Trauma For All...

This tag exists because we want to save her.

Although--the other new ending could be interpreted as a happy ending for Mary...... maybe.

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