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Yun Jin

Yun Jin is a playable Geo character in Genshin Impact.


Rarity4 Star
Constel­lationOpera Grandis
BirthdayMay 21st
Height5'2" / 158cm
Special DishCloud-Shrouded Jade
How to obtainEvent Wish - The Transcendent One Returns, Wishes
AffiliationLiyue, Yun-Han Opera Troupe, Heyu Tea House, Yun Family
Release DateJanuary 05, 2022
CVJudy Alice Lee (EN), Koiwai Kotori 小岩井ことり (JP)
CV (Opera)Yang Yang (杨扬) (CN)


Yun Jin is a 4-Star playable Polearm Geo character in Genshin Impact.

A famous figure in Liyue Harbor's opera scene, Yun Jin is the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe, and performs at Heyu Tea House from time to time. She is also a playwright, having written all the plays the Yun-Han Opera Troupe has performed in recent years, including "The Divine Damsel of Devastation".


  • Normal Attack: Cloud-Grazing Strike


  1. Normal Attack: Performs up to 5 consecutive spear strikes.
  2. Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.
  3. Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

  • Elemental Skill: Opening Flourish


Ms. Yun may just be acting out fights on stage, but her skills with the spear are real enough to defend against her foes.
Press: Flourishes her polearm in a cloud-grasping stance, dealing Geo DMG.
Takes up the Opening Flourish stance and charges up, forming a shield. DMG Absorption is based on Yun Jin's Max HP and has 150% effectiveness against all Elemental DMG and Physical DMG. The shield lasts until she finishes unleashing her Elemental Skill.
When the skill is released, when its duration ends, or when the shield breaks, Yun Jin will unleash the charged energy as an attack, dealing Geo DMG.
Based on the time spent charging, it will either unleash an attack at Charge Level 1 or Level 2.

  • Elemental Burst: Cliffbreaker's Banner

原神云堇 Yun Jin

Deals AoE Geo DMG and grants all nearby party members a Flying Cloud Flag Formation.
Flying Cloud Flag Formation
When Normal Attack DMG is dealt to opponents, Bonus DMG will be dealt based on Yun Jin's current DEF.
The effects of this skill will be cleared after a set duration or after being triggered a specific number of times.
When one Normal Attack hits multiple opponents, the effect is triggered multiple times according to the number of opponents hit. The number of times that the effect is triggered is counted independently for each member of the party with Flying Cloud Flag Formation.

  • 1st Ascension Passive: True to Oneself
Using Opening Flourish at the precise moment when Yun Jin is attacked will unleash its Level 2 Charged (Hold) form.

  • 4th Ascension Passive: Breaking Conventions
The Normal Attack DMG Bonus granted by Flying Cloud Flag Formation is further increased by 2.5%/5%/7.5%/11.5% of Yun Jin's DEF when the party contains characters of 1/2/3/4 Elemental Types, respectively.

  • Utility Passive: Light Nourishment
When Perfect Cooking is achieved on Food with Adventure-related effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the product.


  • Level 1: Thespian Gallop

Opening Flourish's CD is decreased by 18%.

  • Level 2: Myriad Mise-En-Scène
After Cliffbreaker's Banner is unleashed, all nearby party members' Normal Attack DMG is increased by 15% for 12s.

  • Level 3: Seafaring General
Increases the Level of Cliffbreaker's Banner by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

  • Level 4: Flower and a Fighter
When Yun Jin triggers the Crystallize Reaction, her DEF is increased by 20% for 12s.

  • Level 5: Famed Throughout the Land
Increases the Level of Opening Flourish by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

  • Level 6: Decorous Harmony
Characters under the effects of the Flying Cloud Flag Formation have their Normal ATK SPD increased by 12%.


Yun Jin is a skilled director, playwright and singer who is well renowned throughout Liyue for her plays, enjoying this passion and going to many lengths to ensure that everyone who watches her performances leaves satisfied. While appearing to be refined and graceful in formal occasions, she is also known to be exceptionally friendly in private. She draws inspiration from many sources for her plays; she enjoys a wide variety of special drinks as one of her pastimes and she can write a play about one if she enjoys it.


Despite enjoying her passion, she also enjoys variety; while she gets along with the troupe in theater-related issues, she frequently clashes with them over personal affairs as she feels that they are too traditional. She is particularly fond of rock 'n' roll, visiting Xinyan and watching her performances at least three times a week no matter how busy she is. Xinyan believes that she comes to visit her due to the finer arts being "suffocating". She tries to keep her visits a secret, as her interest in non-traditional music would cause much consternation among her elders.


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云堇 (yun jin)

Character Mentions

Tell you a secret — but you gotta keep it that way, you hear? She's real fond of rock 'n' roll. Comes to watch me at least three times a week no matter how packed her schedule is. You'd think that the head of Heyu Tea House's troupe would be into finer arts and all, eh? But I guess it gets suffocating after a while. Haha.


Yun Jin performs... It's called "Liyue opera," isn't it? I like this particular type of social interaction. You can get to know about the other person's background without having to actually interact with them one on one. If she ever includes your story in one of her performances, I'm sure the result will end up being quite incredible. I'm looking forward to it.


Yun Jin always appears so graceful on formal occassions, but you'd be surprised how friendly she is in private! I made a bet with her once, and the loser had to sing lyrics of the winner's choice in their own singing style. My my, I wish you could have heard her operatic version of the Hilitune!

胡桃 X 云堇

When you're passing by Heyu Tea House and have to squeeze your way through the biggest crowd you've seen in your life, that's when you know Yun Jin's on stage performing. There's not a merchant in Liyue who wouldn't buy up the place if they had the chance, and Yun Jin is the reason it would be worth every Mora.

Yun Jin... Are you able to appreciate her performances? It might be difficult at first, but I would encourage you to give it a chance. The reason why I decided to invest into her opera troupe is quite simple: Elegant art forms like these deserve to be passed down to future generations.

When Yun Jin drinks a beverage she is fond of, she will be inspired to write a new play. So, I keep a jar of tea leaves under my bed at all times, ready to deliver to her on the day that her inspiration dries up. This way, I shall never run out of heroic tales to listen to!

行秋 [61日目]

By this time of night, we will have already missed Ms. Yun's play, but Liyue is full of interesting places to explore, even at night.

Now, Yun Jin's really good at spear dancing, and her Liyue opera performances are very popular. Master even takes me to go see them sometimes. You won't find an empty seat when she's on stage... but, um... does anyone understand what she's singing about?

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