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Gojo Satoru

Satoru Gojo is a character in the shounen manga "Jujutsu Kaisen" and the previous day's "Jujutsu Kaisen".

" Youth is not allowed to be picked up by young people "

^ This item may include spoiler information not included in the book.


Jujutsu National College of Technology Tokyo School One year homeroom teacher. One of the special-grade witch doctors who only exist in Japan.

Originally from the Gojo family, one of the Magical World Three Houses, he hates the upper ranks of the magical world, who are smeared with self-protection and power, and aims to train strong and wise sorcerers and transform the magical world. It is because of that dream that he teaches at Jujutsu College while saying that he is not a teacher.
A descendant of Sugawara no Michizane, one of the Three Great Onryō of Japan, and a very distant relative, Yuta Otobone is a relative.

He is the " strongest witch doctor " in the modern magic world, which he admits to himself and others, and boasts a strength that is completely invisible even when dealing with spirits that are also classified as special grade. The eccentric talent is born and has been targeted as a bounty of 100 million units since he was a child, and it is said that the balance of the world has changed, such as the spirits increasing their power year by year since he was born.

Regarding Torakan Yuhito, who was sentenced to the death penalty for concealment by taking in the fingers of Double-sided inn, "Kill after taking in all the inn's fingers." He was admitted to the Tokyo school with a virtually indefinite suspended sentence on the death penalty.


^ Age 28 years old
^ Date of Birth 1989 December 7
^ Height It seems to be over 190 cm
^ Affiliation Tokyo Metropolitan College of Arts and Sciences 1st year homeroom teacher
^ Grade Special Witch Doctor
^ First person "I": Usually, "I": When I was a student, when my emotions were high, "I": In front of the upper management
^ Favorite food Sweet
^ Image Song
^ CV Yuichi Nakamura


A man with gray hair, blue eyes, and a height of over 190 cm, a little different from the Japanese. The real face is usually hidden by a blindfold, but when she visits a girls' school, she gets a fuss from a female student and she is so beautiful that she gets a phone number from a female teacher.

His personality is easy and elusive, and he behaves frivolously for his strength, such as swinging around with incomprehensible words and deeds and uselessly good glue, and being called a fool by the surroundings.
He describes himself as having a bad personality, and is good at inciting and angry with opponents.

It has a special eye "six eyes" that allows you to see the information of the technique, and basically covers the eyes with a blindfold except during battle (sunglasses when I was a student, white bandage on the day before a year ago, now Is a black blindfold. Even now, off is sometimes sunglasses). This is a major remedy for shamans because of the existence of spells that are involved in being seen.

In battle, he takes care not to make any sacrifices, such as keeping ordinary people and subordinate witch doctors away as much as possible, but he also has the ruthlessness that some sacrifice is unavoidable in order to accomplish his mission.
Nanaumi "I have a black strength behind the frivolity," and the author says, "I can do anything, so I try not to do it anymore."

At Shimodo, if I often ate sweets to turn my head, I became a sweet tooth.
I have a habit of being late, which is not enough to blame.

While he dislikes the old men in the upper ranks, he treats the young witch doctors with high expectations. Therefore, when the tiger cane lost his life temporarily due to the difference in the upper ranks, he showed anger to kill all the upper ranks.

When he was a student, he had an even more irreverent personality, and he was willing to take the trouble and consideration of concealing the activities of the witch doctor from the general public, and received attention from his best friend Natsuyu. At that time, he was the first person "I", but he was told by Natsuyu that he was rude to his superiors and that he would be scared even younger, so he was corrected to "I" after his separation from him. did. However, even now, when I am upset or have high emotions, I sometimes return to "I".

Interpersonal relations

Megumi Fushiguro is a financial aid from a technical college with the guarantee that he will work as a witch doctor in the future by canceling the plan that was supposed to be sold to the Ryoin family, one of the three families in the magic world when he was in elementary school. A relationship like a guardian and a teacher through.
Regarding Yuta Otoko and Yuhito Torakan, the execution of them was blocked by Gojo's voice and placed under the patronage of the place where they were about to be sentenced to death by the curse rules.

Although they have gained a certain amount of trust from their students, they are often treated roughly because of their usual behavior.

Yamotsu Masamichi The president is in charge of his student days, Ieiri Glass is a classmate, and Nanaumi Kento is a junior in the first grade. In addition, Ieiri described it as "Kuzu (with summer oil)" and Nanami said "I trust and trust, but I don't respect it."

Natsuyu Jie was a classmate who studied at a technical college, and he wasn't confused when he said, "It's okay, we're the strongest." Natsuyu is still " only one best friend " for Gojo, and his past with Natsuyu has had a great influence to the present, such as Gojo becoming an opportunity to become a teacher at a technical college.
One year before the main story, the day before (recorded in Volume 0), he gave his hand to Natsuyu, who became a curse master.


" It's okay because I'm the strongest "

The strongest witch doctor in the modern magic world, born with the Gojoya family's unrestricted magic and six eyes.
Fushiguro Jinji says, " Yeah, tying the lower limit magic and six eyes for the first time in 100 years ", and according to Author, "The Gojoya family with the lower limit magic. There are other human beings, but in order to master it, it is indispensable to have six eyes that can see the technique, and at present, only Gojoya can do it. "

  • Unlimited magic (Mukagenjujutsu)
A technique to make a convergent infinite series a reality. Around Gojo, there is an "infinity" realized by the technique, and even if you try to touch it with your hands, it will be slower as you approach Gojo, and not only will you hit or attack with the technique, but the return blood will not hit Gojo's body. , It is blocked as if there is a transparent wall.
For example, it is in the state of "Achilles and the turtle", and it is a very difficult ability to understand.

By applying the technique, you can teleport over long distances and accelerate your own attacks at unstoppable speeds. However, according to the author, "I can't do it unless the conditions are met", and I usually can't use these techniques for movement, and I use the Shinkansen and cars.

Fine control and precise calculation are required to master it, and if it is to be activated all the time, the brain will not be able to withstand the load and will burn out. However, Gojo constantly repairs the brain by continuously activating the reversal technique at the same time, enabling the constant activation of the technique that is impossible for other surgeons.

  • Surgery forward "蒼" (Jutsushiki Junten Ao)

By strengthening the original technique of Gojo's unlimited limit magic, "convergence" (suction reaction) is actually generated. In addition, by moving the suction reaction, the surrounding area can be changed to a vacant lot in an instant.
This makes it possible to strike at a speed that even the strongest players in the game, such as leaks and inns, can't recognize, let alone invisible. It can be applied as described above to handle teleportation, but the timing at which it can be used is limited.

  • Reversal of technique "赫" (Jutsushiki Hanten Aka)
Inversion of the lower limit magic technique. Contrary to "blue", by "diverging" infinity, a reaction like a blast that flicks an object is generated. An unavoidable intense blow-off technique.
However, it has the disadvantage that its use is restricted in the city because the output is very large and there is a risk that people around it will be involved.

  • Fictitious "茈" (Kyoshiki Murasaki)
A compound technique that combines "blue" and "赫". The mystery of the Gojoya family, which is called non-standard by Aoi Todo, a first-class surgeon. According to himself, "a little rough".
It is a technique that even a human being of the Gojoya family knows only a small part, and it is a technique that pushes out the virtual mass created by multiplying the "blue" of the technique forward and the "赫" of the inversion. Roughly speaking, "a technique to push out an invisible mass at an unavoidable and unavoidable speed."
Its power creates the power to dig deep into the ground over a wide area, which was the stage of the sister school interleague game.

Area expansion

Infinite space (Muryokusho)

In an area where the scene spreads like outer space, it forces the drawn partner to perceive and transmit infinitely. Since "perception and transmission" in the cycle of perception → transmission → action does not end infinitely, the other party cannot put his thoughts into action and cannot do anything.
It is a so-called "win when drawn into the area" area, and the person who is drawn into the area cannot withstand the amount of information given, and even for 0.2 seconds, about half a year's worth of information is poured in and acts for nearly a minute. Something powerful enough to make it impossible.


Because I was talking about MetalGreymon and SkullGreymon in a conversation with Natsuyu
It seems that he was watching "Digimon Adventure".

According to the Q & A in the "Character Book Kyoto Exchange Meeting", it seems that you can do household chores such as cooking (there are many witch doctors who are single, so they all have vitality).

Gojo, who has a unique ability and is the strongest cheat character in the work, is said by Spirit side as mentioned above, "On the contrary, what can I have?" " What Gojo Satoru can't have is his personality ," commented the author.

Female readers are very popular, and the number of chocolates won in 2019 Valentine is the highest.

In エイプリルフール of 2020, a comedy combination called Harae Honpo was formed with どこかで聞いたようなグループ名. However, it turns out that it has already been disbanded on the old-fashioned 呪力舎 official homepage. It was an elaborate ブラックジョーク.

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