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Sasasegawa Sasami

Sasasegawa Sasami is a character from "Little Busters!"


Three Sizes78/54/81
Voiced ByTamiyasu Tomoe / Tokui Sora (anime)
Theme Song"The Cat, the Glass, and the Round Moon"
First Title"Vainglorious Queen Cat"

The hope of the softball team. Always brings her flunkies around with her.

A haughty girl. For some reason, she sees Rin as her rival.

Her name sounds like a tongue twister, and it's often mispronounced.

Her black ribbons that look like cat ears are her charm point. Even though this makes her look like a cat, Sasami herself seems to dislike cats. Regardless of her own feelings, there is one black cat that adores her that won't even take to Rin.

She is roommates with Kamikita Komari, who calls her "Saa-chan". Additionally, she has feelings for Miyazawa Kengo, but they are utterly unrequited.

Quite flat-chested, leading Naoe Riki (having accidentally touched her chest) to proclaim her as having "disappointing boobs".

Was originally a sub-heroine, but gained her own route from Little Busters! Ecstasy onwards.

Most often seen with Natsume Rin. As expected of eternal rivals.

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