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Tokido Saya

Tokido Saya is a character from "Little Busters!"


Three Sizes83/55/82
Voiced BySakurai Harumi
Theme Song"To Run"
First Title"Accident-Prone Perfect Invincible Girl"

Her public face is that of the prettiest, most popular girl in class, but she's really a spy who searches the school grounds every night for the "treasure" hidden there, and fights the Darkness Executives trying to protect it.

When Riki discovers her actions at night she tries to kill him to shut his mouth, but in the end she winds up accepting Riki as her partner and taking him with her.

She is a very skilled spy, so much so that she is famous amongst other spies. However, she winds up displaying a number of failures in front of Riki.

In the anime adaptation, Saya has been spotted in the back of crowd scenes, but she has not yet made a formal debut.

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