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Noumi Kudryavka

Noumi Kudryavka is a character from "Little Busters!" and "Kud Wafter".


BirthdayJune 12
Three Sizes69/51/72
Voiced BySuzuta Miyako / Wakabayashi Naomi (anime)
Theme Song"Exotic Toybox"
First Title"(Self-Proclaimed) Exotic Mascot"


Appears in "Little Busters!" and its spinoff "Kud Wafter".

Her grandfather is Russian. Kudryavka is a name originating from the Devwa Republic. Her full name in her birth country is Kudryavka Anatolyevna Strugatskaya.

Fans often call her "Kud", but in the original work the only characters to call her this are Riki and Rin.

She was raised with two big dogs named Belka and Strelka who live with the Public Morals Committee, who she sees to be as good as her siblings. They and Kud are capable of understanding each other.

"Kudryavka", "Belka" and "Strelka" are all the names of dogs who were sent into space on Sputnik.

"Wafu", which she uses as an all-purpose interjection, has also turned into her byword.


Her actual age is unknown, but she is the smallest character not only in "Little Busters!" but in all of Key's games.

She has long, straight silvery hair, and wears a pin shaped like a bat at her left temple. Has glossy blue eyes. Is often drawn with cartoonish canine fangs.

Perhaps because she doesn't like the cold, whenever she's outside she always wears a cape on top of her uniform, along with a large hat decorated with bat wings and a large button. She also wears white thigh-high socks that have ribbons attached to them.


A gentle, active, and cheerful girl. Speaks very politely to everyone, including animals and objects.

She is very obviously not Japanese, so whenever she meets someone for the first time they often treat her like a foreigner.

However, Kud herself has a very Japanese mentality and Japanese taste, and actually has a complex about being unskilled at English. She tries to use English quite often, but always makes drastic mistakes.

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