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Kamikita Komari

Kamikita Komari is a character from "Little Busters!"

"If you become happy, I'll be happy too. If I become happy, you'll be happy too."


BirthdayApril 5
Three Sizes83/57/84
Voiced ByYanase Natsumi
Theme Song"Magic Ensemble"
First TitleWarm Cute Fairytale Girl


The first new member of the "Little Busters". Has an airheaded, carefree, and optimistic personality. She's very cheerful and has lots of friends, and possesses the unusual "Happiness Spiral Theory" way of thinking. Based on her beliefs, on her off days she goes to volunteer at nursing homes.

Drawing picture books is her hobby, and she also creates her own original stories. She dislikes sad conclusions, and most of her picture books end happily.


During lunch break at school, she often sneaks out to the roof and has fun eating sweets there.

Also, her taste in personal fashion is pretty shocking. She does not like to wear socks, so sometimes she winds up barefoot in her school uniform.

Maybe she's just clumsy, but she often winds up showing Riki her panties... though she doesn't seem to mind it that much.

Perhaps because of her unusual thought pattern (the Happiness Spiral Theory), she winds up making Kyousuke say "Farewell, my monies", flustering Yuiko, and is unexpectedly very strong... in a way, airheads are unbelievably powerful.

Underneath her leisurely, airy appearance, she's very good at English and her grades in the subject are the highest in her year. Perhaps because of that, sometimes she mixes a little English into her dialogue.

She has all the aspects of an airhead, but she also secretly has incredible athletic ability.

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