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Futaki Kanata

Futaki Kanata is a character from "Little Busters!"


Three Sizes80/57/82
Voiced BySuzuki Keiko
Theme Song"Will & Wish"
First Title"Cold, Unfriendly, Inconsiderate Public Morals Rep"

A student who works as the head of the Public Morals Committee. The bright red armband that proves her position is her trademark.

She is an inflexible and unfriendly student, and says sharp things one after another. She also has a habit of repeating the same phrases twice, such as "You're the worst, aren't you? The worst."

Sees students who "disrupt public morals" as her enemies, and is wary of the Little Busters for this reason. She especially treats Saigusa Haruka as her enemy.

She loves mint and hates citrus.

Friendly with Aa-chan-senpai due to their work together at maintaining the dorms, and she is one of the few people Kanata is at ease with. Also, she gets along fairly well with Kud as Strelka assists with public morals committee duties.

She respects Kurugaya Yuiko, and seems to find it disappointing that Kurugaya hangs out with the Little Busters.

In the original version of the game she was a sub-character, but from Little Busters! Ecstasy onwards, she has her own route.

Therein, she's as inflexible as ever, but she still seems to be more approachable than in other routes.

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