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Saigusa Haruka

Saigusa Haruka is a character from "Little Busters!"


BirthdayOctober 13
Three Sizes81/59/82
Voiced BySuzuki Keiko
Theme Song"Melancholy of a Boisterous Maiden"
First TitleEasygoing, Happy-Go-Lucky Boisterous Maiden


One of the new members of the Little Busters. She is in a different class than Riki, but during breaks between classes, she always comes to Riki's classroom. A cheerful girl.

She likes loud and noisy things, and is a troublemaker who sometimes digs her own grave by having too much fun with the big fusses she causes. Because of this, she gets a lot of attention from the Public Morals Committee members.

Despite that, she unexpectedly does her duties as a Maintenance Committee member very seriously.


Has purple hair. She wears a white hairpin in her bangs, and wears unique twintails with round hair bobbles. Normal twintails have a ponytail on each side of the head, but Haruka has two of them on the left side of her head.

She is also a southpaw, and in official illustrations she often has her left hand and foot held up, so that attention is drawn to the whole left side of her body.

When in her school uniform, she wears striped thigh-high socks.


Her first-person pronoun is "Watashi (私)", and sometimes she also calls herself "Haruchin", a nickname she made up. She often ends sentences in "desu yo (ですヨ)" or "desu ne (ですネ)", with the final particle emphasized.

Essentially, she's the kind of person who acts on impulse without thinking too much.

She tends to play the fool, and likes childish pranks; at the same time she is a troublemaker, she is also one of the moodmakers of the Little Busters.

She hates studying, but she has a strong talent for the sciences. Her athletic ability is average.

Her favorite flavor is citrus, and she hates mint.

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