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Naoe Riki

Naoe Riki is the protagonist of the "Little Busters!" series.


BirthdayJanuary 17
CV.Tamiyasu Tomoe (game), Horie Yui (anime)
First TitleNormal Boy Enjoying a Weird, Cheerful Everyday Life」 (displayed as Normal Boy in-game)


When he was a little boy, his parents died; when he was depressed from their loss, he was rescued by Kyousuke and the others, and from that time on he became a member of the "Little Busters". Because of that, he has strong admiration for their leader, Kyousuke. He suffers from narcolepsy, and sometimes he suddenly falls asleep in the middle of the day.

He has a gentle, friendly personality and hates fighting. But when faced with unfair things, he has the courage to confront and even shout at opponents who seem stronger than him.

He is the only sane man of the "Little Busters", and sometimes he even receives great praise for the way that he chastises the others. (However, even Riki sometimes acts very silly and does strange things too...)

He tends to be seen as rather weak, but since his elementary school days he's been tempered (read: bullied) with games and events Kyousuke came up with, so his physical ability level isn't actually that low.

In romance games like "Little Busters!", the protagonist's male friends sometimes wind up as his rivals in love or wind up shoved into the background, but this never happens with Riki.

Far to the contrary, his three male childhood friends sometimes spoil him even more than the heroines, making Riki an extremely beloved hero.

First of all, Masato always wants to spend his time with Riki, and if Riki is even slightly cold to him, Masato will sink to the depths of hell in his depression. For instance, when Riki gets a girlfriend, Masato will get jealous and say things like "We won't have as much time to play together!", and when chased out of their shared dorm room, he'll complain "Riki dumped me..." and feel snubbed.

In Kengo's case, two playthroughs after his limiters have been removed, when told to team up with his two favorite girls in the test of courage event, he'll look at Riki and say things like "Whenever I was told to pick my favorite person, I'd always naturally turn to you".

And then in Kyousuke's case... it would probably be best to witness with your own eyes.

As you can see from the above, despite the fact that Riki's the hero of a galge, there are very few images of him alone with a girl. With that said, when it comes to shippy images, Rin and Kud battle for the top slot.


Above and beyond Riki's possessing a rather androgynous face and voice to begin with, in an official event where he crossdresses, the heroines are all shocked at how well girl's clothes suit Riki. Because of this, he's been firmly appointed as a crossdressing character.

Countless doujinshi and anthologies feature scenes with Riki in girl's clothes.

Even Key has added CGs of Riki crossdressing and put pictures of him in girl's clothes in calendars and such, which has drawn a lot of attention.

Of course, here at pixiv, he's drawn crossdressing quite a lot too. → Crossdressing Riki Rikiko

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