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Miyazawa Kengo

Miyazawa Kengo is a character appearing in Key's game Little Busters!


BirthdayApril 30
CVOda Yuusei
First TitleThe Strongest Man and Masato's Rival


The President Romantic of the Little Busters.

At first his beliefs and his abilities are both top-notch, and while he often gets into brawls with Inohara Masato, he is always calm, intellectual, and reliable... but after a certain event, his limiters come off. If we're agreed that Masato is an idiot, then Kengo evolves into a moron.

His merrymaking--or should that be excitability--exceeds the norm, and he even hand-stitches a cat (probably modeled after Natsume Rin) onto his jacket, and happily brags about it ("Do you want my Little Busters jacket? You can't have it! You jelly?").

While he is a student like any other, he wears his kendo clothes to school instead of his uniform. This is apparently because he looks like a hero in a BL drama in his uniform.

Apparently, he has a big thing for traditional Japanese priestess uniforms.

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