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Inuyasha's older brother, but he is a powerful full demon. The successor to Inu No Taisho, Dog General of the West. He used to despise humans and half demons, and coveted the Tessaiga, but has moved past this way of thinking.

Beautifully chilling. The strongest demon in the Warring States era
A powerful body and awesome abilities.


A great demon who inherited great blood. He can fly effortlessly and has arms of uncanny strength. He is proud of his supreme power, has no fear of the demonic, and is never tempted in the slightest by the Shikon Jewel.
He fought his half-demon brother over one of his father's relics-a fang sword-but was unable to obtain it. He saved a child's life, and thereby his heart grew more humane. He lives his life wielding one sword of resuscitation and another of destruction.

During The Story

Whereas his half-brother Inuyasha is a half-demon, Sesshoumaru is a full demon, having inherited his demon father's abilities more completely than his brother. He is handsome and frail-looking at the same time. However, he defeats his enemies easily with his bottomless destructive power. He maintains a loftiness of spirit and isn't easily shaken. Even though one arm was cut off by Inuyasha, he boasts exceptional body power to which no other demon comes close.

Swiftness and Skill...Unequaled destructive power

His main attack skill is with his nails and poison. However, with his sharp instincts and high skills he is able to use any type of weapon to its full potential. Furthermore, he stays calm and is not affected by emotions in battle. He rarely behaves irrationally or puts his own life in jeopardy.
==Quiet but fierce pride in his pure blood==
Sesshomaru, born of a great demon bloodline, possesses the perfect power that many demons desire. Because of this he is always composed and confident in his power. He isn't obsessed with anything.

The composure of the strong

His air of aloofness is a product of dignity that only one of such rare demon power may possess. Because both his heart and body are so strong, he has no desire whatsoever for the Shikon Jewel. In battle he judges his enemy's power level and attacks with the minimum power necessary.

Anger from pride

Sesshomaru is obsessively proud of his father, of whom the whole demon world was in awe. Because he respects his bloodline he despises Inuyasha, whose mother was a human, and insults Naraku, who tgries to take advantage of Sesshomaru's power.

Unfeeling towards things with no value

Sesshomaru feels nothing for others, sneering and dismissing humane feelings. Anyone in his way is an enemy whom he will exterminate without hesitation. For one with such pride in his power, cooperation is proof of weakness and being alone is a conditon for the strong.

Feelings from the inside the coldness

He used to feel nothing for anyone, but meeting various people such as the ever-changing InuYasha, Naraku with his numerous proposals, and all-alone Rin has brought change to his heart. After he saved Rin and became the true owner of Tenseiga, he started to show feelings behind his heartless words.

An arbitrary inquiring mind

Sesshomaru has a very inquiring mind when there is something he cares about. But, at the same time, he has almost no tenacity of purpose. If he becomes interested in something else, he will arbitrarily turn his back on what he is doing, even during battle. He asked around about Inuyasha and Naraku but decided to keep an objective position.

A soul lead by a healing sword

The encounter with Rin awakened him as the true user of Tenseiga. The smile and fleeting life of this young girl who tried to save him caused Sesshomaru to change for the first time. The will of his father, who cared for humans, has been passed to the son.


Quiet, Fierce Pride, Strong Composure, Arbitrary inquiring mind, Changed by Rin

Physical description

Patterns on forehead and cheeks, sharp ears
Dog fur, Kimono with beautiful pattern, hakama


  • Bakusaiga
  • Tenseiga
  • Tokijin
  • Claws
  • Light whip
  • Regenerative demon armor
  • Dog fur
  • Olfaction
  • Instantaneous power
  • Herculean strength


  • Straight attack
  • Strikes
  • Poison claws

Weapon Attack

  • Bakusaiga
  • Tenseiga
  • Tokijin (previously)

Demon power-assisted attack

  • Giant Dog Transformation.


- Occupation: Great Demon Lord
- Age: Nineteen (in human years)
- Race: Dog-Demon
- Affiliation: Sesshoumaru's group
- Occupational Ability: Complete Demon
- Place of Origin: Unknown, Japan


Servant: Jaken, Rin (previously), A-Un

Romantic Life

Wife: Rin


Rin's friends


- Towa (Daughter)
- Setsuna (Daughter)
- Inu-Yasha (Half-Brother)
- Kagome (Sister-in-law)


  • InuYasha's group
  • Kagura (Deceased)


- Kirinmaru
- Zero
- Naraku (deceased)
- Takemaru of Setsuna (deceased)
- Four War Gods (deceased)


"Do you think you can escape from me?"

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