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pixiv Fantasia

Pixiv Fantasia(aka:PF, PixFan) is a Fantasy Themed Project organised by pixiv user, and the first of many Pixiv Fantasia Projects that follows later. Project Organiser: arohaJ Period: 24/01/2008 ~ 14/02/2008
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Some translations, such as name of the place or person, are phonetic equivalent words, and might not be accurate.


Pixiv Fantasia is a ‘Theme Project’ that was setup under the intention to add more excitement into the Fantasy genre in pixiv.

Also, it is one of the most significant projects in early age of pixiv.

Using the function of pixiv, battle by viewing access was organised.

Users in PF started to individually communicate with other users over the characters they had created, and you can see that influenced many other projects that was created after PF.

Basics of the PF series were already established in the first PF,

Therefore if you’re thinking “I’m interested in pixiv Fantasia, but I’ve got no idea what it is about”, then reading this article will be an ideal start for you.

In the world of pixiv Fantasia, users’ characters are cast in the story of five countries fighting for the supremacy over the continent.

As a warrior in one of the countries, you create works with the tag of country you support, to win more views - winning access means winning the points for your own country, and the country that gets most points will be the winning country.

At the the climax of the project, Project organizer declared few events.

Joining in the world of pixiv Fantasia

  • Create characters from one of the five countries
  • Create something 'Fantasy' (e.g. Knights, Wizards, Monsters, etc)
  • Create a conceptual artwork for the world of pixiv Fantasia

※Make sure you don’t forget to put tags for ‘pixiv Fantasia’ and the country you want to support.

World of pixiv Fantasia

pixivファンタジア 世界地図

pixivファンタジー企画 シルヴァリアpixivファンタジー企画 アイゼルンpixivファンタジー企画 ヴァルヴァニア
pixivファンタジー企画 イーストランドpixivファンタジー企画 アンザール


―City of Pure White―

The Country in the southwest of the continent, the capital city is Mistarillpalace.

It is the country of religion and nature, where Elves and Green men live.

After the death of King Saint-Valentin, who built the Kingdom, his daughter Frederica became a governing ruler.


―Empire of Steel―

Large country in the North of the continent, the capital city is Grendel.

The King of Aythern, Gargandia earned the name of 'Devil' by his great military forces and usage to invade countries around.

At the southward of Aythern, there was a country where therianthropes lived.

Aggressive country with the philosophy of 'Power Is Everything'.


―Country of Freedom and Wildness―

The Country at the Southern Continent. Capital city is Eldrean.

The country was called Kipronia, where it was misruled by government, and after the revolution, the country is ruled by Pirate-King Isaac.

With those histories behind, citizen of the country happens to be more violent, therefore lots of them work as mercenaries.

Lots of Lizardmen lives in the island at the south of the country.


―Island of Gold―

Eastern Country that is away from the main-continent. Capital city is Sakurai.

It is the country that has distinguish eastern culture, and after the empire broke down, two separate country called Ouran and Jinga was fighting for a long time.

After the emperor's descendent Ouka was put in charge, both country joined and became a one country, once again.


―Kingdom of Magic―

The Country at the western continent. Capital city is Millionbell.

Sage Viola, that has lived for 200years rules the country.

At the edge of west, there are place where dragons lives. There are Magic Academy, and Anzale has a best reputation for the quality of their magics.

Official Events

Prologue of Nightfall/黄昏の序章Finale
pixivファンタジア 公式イベントpixivファンタジア 最終イベント

Prologue of Nightfall(4/2 ~ 11/2)

  • センドニア平原の突破
  • ヴァナルガンド砦の攻防
  • 三つ色砦の戦い
  • 二杖門の戦い

Finale(11/2 ~ 14/2)

  • 最終決戦~グレンデル平原の会戦

Other pixiv Fantasia

"pixiv Fantasia" (24/01/2008 ~ 14/02/2008):Tale of war between 5 countries

"pixivファンタジアⅡ"(25/07/2008 ~ 31/08/2008):Tale of warriors fighting against invadors from another world

"pixivファンタジアⅢ"(20/03/2009 ~ 10/05/2009):Tale of war between 3 countries

"pixivファンタジアⅣ"(31/01/2010 ~ 28/03/2010):Tale of fight against the terror falling from sky

"pixivファンタジアⅤ"(27/01/2011 ~ 03/04/2011):Tale of 3 empire fighting for supremacy over the continent

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