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Black Len

Len (レン) is a character from the Tsukihime series that appears in Kagetsu Tohya and the Melty Blood games.


BirthdaySeptember 9
Three SizesB63/W48/H61
Blood TypeUnknown
CVMizuhashi Kaori


Len (レン Ren) is the main heroine in Kagetsu Tohya.
She basically never speaks, but it is not that she cannot speak, only that she chooses not to.

Since the tag Len (レン) is shared by many characters, the tag Black Len (黒レン, Kuro Ren) is recommended.
The name Black Len is the name given by fans after the appearance of White Len.
Her official name is Len (although she is sometimes called so by the characters in the series).



She is a messenger created from the soul of a young girl who lost her life due to illness and the corpse of a black cat.
After the death of her creator, she was entrusted to Arcueid about 800 years ago.
Although she was created long ago, she has not been active for very long since she was put to sleep with Arcueid.

Kagetsu Tohya

In Kagetsu Tohya, Shiki Tohno falls into a coma and in order to keep him alive after the accident, Arcueid borrows the power of Len. The result being Shiki in a dream that repeats everyday. However, Len has not signed a contract with Arcueid and has been exercising her abilities for a long period of time without receiving any magical power supply, so she is on the verge of extinction. By signing a contract with Shiki, who was working to resolve the situation, Shiki wakes up and Len is spared from extinction.


She was created by a great sorcerer of a very old age, who lived more than two hundred years, and her creator involved an old sorcery that is lost today. Her creator's techniques is so good that Roa evaluated her as a dream demon bracketed by superior techniques.
She is a centennial-class messenger demon that has been around for at least 800 years, and boasts abilities that do not fit into the category of ordinary messengers or dream demons.
As a cross between a human spirit and a cat, she also has the aspect of an animal spirit, and her level is close to that of a spirit, or rather a demon-like demon.
Len, however, is able to take the magical power of others through dreams, blood, and spirit alone, so she is even able to abandon her role as a messenger demon and live on her own.

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