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Miyo Harada

Miyo Harada (tag name:原田美世) is a character from THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls. She is a former mechanic with a background in street racing that is recruited by the Producer as a Cute-attribute idol.


Height163 cm (5'4")
Weight46 kg (101 lbs)
3 Sizes86-59-85 cm (34-23-33 in)
BirthdayNovember 14
Blood TypeO
Dominant HandRight
HobbiesTinkering with cars and motorcycles


Miyo is a 20-year-old mechanic with experience in street racing; working both under the hood and behind the wheel. In Starlight Stage, she first meets the Producer after his car breaks down on the side of the road and she offers him a ride to the office. He convinces her to become an idol as she drives him back to his car later that evening. Her outfits are largely based off Japanese race queens (also referred to in the west as pit girls).

While automobiles are her forte, she also enjoys messing with motorcycles, and is seen riding one in her second Starlight Stage SSR card illustration.

She acts quite tomboyish and speaks in a masculine manner, owing to spending a lot of her time with her automotive peers as well as her father and younger brother. However, she isn't shy in showing her feminine side as well, even if she isn't quite comfortable wearing dresses.

Relationships and Units

She is often seen alongside Takumi Mukai, Rina Fujimoto, and Natsuki Kimura, who share her passion for motoring. She is in the unit "Easy Noisy Riders" (イージーノイジーライダース) with Takumi and Natsuki, which was originally called "Fun Takumin and Friends" (ゆかいなたくみんと仲間たち) when the unit debuted during the 9th Idol LIVE Royale in January of 2015. She is also in the unit "Escape Shop Gang" (逃がし屋一味) with Takumi and Rina. She was also a supporting character in the latter part of Takumi's spinoff manga WILD WIND GIRL.

She also appears with Kako Takafuji and Yuki Himekawa, making up the unit "Winter F. Drivers" (ウィンター・F・ドライバーズ), which was formed through an in-game poll that lasted from January 27th to February 8th, 2016 to select which three 20-year-old idols would look best in winter sports.

She is also in the unit "Four Wind Colors" with Yuuki Otokura, Hajime Fujiwara, and Yuzu Kitami.

Notable cards

Mobage SR "Hidden Radiance" (秘めた輝き)



Mobage R "Christmas Party" (クリスマスパーティー)


Mary X'mas!

Mobage R "Raindrop" (レインドロップ)


Mobage SR "Drive-In Summer" (ドライブインサマー)



Mobage R "Driving Race Queen" (ドライブRQ)



Mobage SR "A Maiden's True Face" (乙女の素顔)



Starlight Stage SSR "Ride On Stage" (ライドオンステージ)



Mobage SR "Outdoor Tune" (アウトドアチューン)



Starlight Stage SSR "Careful Tune-Up" (こだわりチューンアップ)




  • Her favorite food is Mitarashi Dango, as revealed in the 2018 White Day event.
  • She is produced by Hitomi Harada, who voices Airi Totoki and shares her surname with Miyo. As such, Miyo is often referred to by Hitomi's nickname "Dachan" (ダチャーン) on Twitter.

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