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Riviera: The Promised Land

"Riviera: The Promised Land" is an RPG created by Sting. It was released for the WSC in 2002, the GBA in 2004, and the PSP in 2006 and 2007.


The first game created by director Shinichi Ito, and the first original Sting game since the Evolution series.

The unusual system, individualistic characters and unique worldbuilding, and the gap between the dark and serious overarching story and the romantic comedy galge-ish interactions between the characters received acclaim, and the game became popular in Japan and in the West as a sleeper hit. It has been remade twice.

VersionRelease DateCERONotes
WSC7/12/2002UnratedOnly version with 5 endings, art by Yukio Takatsu and Yoshinori Iwanaga
GBA11/25/2004UnratedBattle voices and 6th ending added, design renewal by Sunaho Tobe
PSP11/22/200612 and upFull voice, twice the amount of CGs added
Special Edition10/18/200712 and upDual language voices, voices plus Ledah and Rose route in extra dungeon, new system functions



Once upon a time, there was a long battle between Asgard and Niflheim that was called Ragnarok.

When the Grim Angels who carried godly weapons called "Diviners" and the Accursed who were made from the bodies of the demon gods entered the fray, the battle became increasingly fierce.

And in the end, the gods of both realms clashed, and after a titanic struggle, Ragnarok was concluded in a draw.

The gods sealed away the Accursed with the last of their power, and purified Utgard. They freed the Sprites held in bondage by the demons, entrusted them with that land, and renamed it "Riviera".

And knowing that even after they had gone, Asgard must still be on watch against invasion by the demons, the gods sealed away their infinite power and wisdom as the "Retribution" in Riviera.

The Sprites swore to protect that power for eternity, and the gods decreed that land to be an eternal paradise for the Sprites.

After that, Asgard was entrusted to seven sages known as the Magi. But without the gods, Asgard's harmony was disrupted, and the world entered its twilight.

A thousand years after the end of Ragnarok, Riviera's peace was suddenly disrupted. The Accursed, who should have been sealed deep underground, had been sighted.

With the gods gone, if another vast conflict like Ragnarok were to occur, then it would mean certain destruction for Asgard. In the highest state of emergency, prepared for the worst, Asgard reached a decision.

Putting Asgard's existence as their highest priority, they would actuate the "Retribution", and destroy Riviera.

The plan was set in motion, and the protection lock on the "Retribution" was disabled from Asgard's side. All that was left to reach the "Retribution" sleeping in Riviera itself and set it into action.

This important duty was given to Hector of the Magi, and he dispatched a pair of Grim Angels on that mission, "Ledah" and "Ecthel".

In order to destroy the Sprites' paradise, the promised land of "Riviera" that had once been known as "Utgard", the two angels descended from Asgard...



Ecthel (voiced by Rie Kugimiya)
The protagonist. A young Grim Angel boy. He carries "Ecthelion", the most powerful Diviner, and apparently his name is derived from its. To give him the right to wield Ecthelion, his wings were sacrificed.

Unlike all other Grim Angels, Ecthel does not have leucism. The significance of that fact is unknown, but because of that, it's difficult to tell at first glance that he's a Grim Angel.

He went to Riviera to actuate the Retribution, but for the sake of the Sprites who live there, he searches for another way to get rid of the demons.


Ledah (voiced by Masakazu Morita)
A taciturn Grim Angel. Dispatched with Ecthel to actuate the Retribution, known as "The Solitary Grim Angel". He is in the position of sempai to Ecthel, but after a certain incident, the two are separated. His Diviner is the flame lance "Lorelei".

Rose (voiced by Rika Komatsu)
Ecthel's familiar. Ordinarily, she has the appearance of a small, winged black cat. She wants to become a historian. Sometimes she speaks as if making fun of Ecthel, but one way or the other they're best friends. Her full name is "Rose R. Crawford".

According to the official Riviera timeline, Rose's ending is canon; she could probably be called the main heroine.

Fia (voiced by Natsumi Yanase)
Granddaughter of Elendia's elder, a Newtype Sprite girl who lives with Lyuri. Has a mature personality. She wields a rapier in battle, and also uses healing magic. She is such a sweet tooth that she eats more candy than any other food group, but cannot eat meat.


Lyuri (voiced by Hiromi Konno)
A Haine girl who lives with Fia. She's a cheerful treasure hunter as well as a troublemaker. Despite her unusually childish personality, she's older than Fia (according to Lyuri herself). Uses a bow in battle. Flatty.

Serene (voiced by Ai Nonaka)
An Arc girl. She once lived on Rosalina Island with two friends called Tehse and Polle, but her people were slaughtered by a "demon", and she is the only survivor. She has a frank personality, and has a pair of small black bat wings on her back. She's best frienemies with Lyuri, and picks on her often. Uses a scythe in battle.

Cierra (voiced by Yuuko Gotoh)
A Sprite woman. She calls herself the "Scarlet Witch", and is the oldest of the heroines. She lives in the forest to do research, but when she meets Ecthel's party she joins them. Ordinarily, she has a laid-back personality, but she uses powerful magic in battle.


Malice (voiced by Mariko Suzuki)
A Grim Angel girl. She moves separately from Ecthel and Ledah. Her full name is "Malice Ructor". Her Diviner is the ice axe "Toolus", but...?

Extra Notes

Even during the original WSC development, Ito originally wanted Tobe to do the character design, but as Tobe was working for a different game company at the time, things did not work out between the two companies.

Apparently, Tobe had just become a freelancer during GBA development, and because Ito wanted to accomplish things with the new version that had not been possible on the WSC, he contacted her to redesign the game's art.

Drama CD

Riviera has been given two drama CD adaptations with the same voice cast as the game.

The "introduction disc", which was first-print bonus materials for the GBA version, and "Epilogue Disc", which was promotion materials for the same version, are no longer obtainable; but "The Precious Chapter", created after the PSP version, is still in print.

In addition, selections from "The Precious Chapter" were played on the internet radio program "Rivieradio: Broadcasts From Elendia".

introduction disc & Epilogue Disc

Chapter NumberTitle
Chapter 0Self-Introduction Corner
Chapter 1Malice Bidding the Past Goodbye
Chapter 2You Turned Into a Human?!
Chapter 3One Afternoon, One Moment
Chapter 4Riviera Private School

There is a good balance of comedic and serious elements, and particularly the chapter that reveals Malice's past features information connected to certain characters from "Yggdra Union" and "Knights in the Nightmare."

But on the other hand, this drama CD also gives us a canon high school AU.

The Precious Chapter
Chapter NumberTitle
Chapter 0Reflections of Ursula the Guardian ~at the Yggdral Realm~
Chapter 1Treasure Hunter Lyuri! ~Treasure from the Sky~
Chapter 2The Melancholy of Millefeuille-chan!?
Chapter 3Tempting, Suspicious Banana Danish
Chapter 4Elendia Carnival
Chapter 5Memories of the Pendant ~The Arcs' Adventure~

As with the previous installment, there is a good balance of comedy and serious elements... but this time, Ledah, Malice, and Hector do not get to appear at all.

In exchange, Ursula has a brief appearance here, despite being absent for the last drama CD.

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