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Gloria Union

"Gloria Union" is an SRPG released by Sting for the PSP. It has a different setting from "Yggdra Union" and "Blaze Union", but inherits the same system.


A work that falls under the "Union Series" subseries to Dept. Heaven. This game is a lighthearted pirate dramedy that takes place on a mostly-ocean world.

...However, the DHE mascot Pamela and Eater (who first appeared in Blaze Union) also appear in this game, as does a Yggdra depicted in this world's style. Even if it takes place on a different world, this is most likely still in the Dept. Heaven universe.


Thousands of years in the past...

There was a country that flourished using "Will", the power of resolve used in this world.

It was called the Kingdom of Euforia, and it was a grand country that ruled the entire world with the overwhelming power of Will that rested only in its royal family.

Beginning with Euforia, various different countries developed cultures dependent on the use of Will.

Euforia had absolute power.

But its proud history came to an end one day. The Kingdom of Euforia sank into the sea, and about eighty percent of the world became covered in ocean.

Right before it was submerged, Euforia sealed great crystals filled with Will throughout the world as a means of preserving their legacy. This became passed down through the generations as a legend.

The legend of the crystals.

The pirates who had become active in this now-mostly-oceanic world took to the sea in search of this legend.

And among them, there was a pirate boy looking to get rich quick like any other.

Chapter List

Chapter 1The Sea of the Beginning始まりの海
Chapter 2Friends: In the Darkness of the Jail友・暗闇の牢獄で
Chapter 3Polishing Blades, Deepening Bonds磨かれる刃、紡がれる絆
Chapter 4The Wind Greets, the Earth Battles風は出会い、大地は戦う
Chapter 5Truth is Like the Whitecaps真実は白波の如く
Chapter 6The Red Fuse of Destiny運命の赤い導火線
Chapter 7Ancient Euforia古代ユーフォリア

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Party Characters

Ishut Pinger Ruru Elisha Zazarland
Minnesota Grey Locomoco Raspberry Fiebee Yggdra
Gangr Kamuru Eater Pamela Anne Cormack


Ashley Tracey Cormack Kyra

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