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"Yggdra" can either be a shortening of the game title "Yggdra Union" or can refer to its protagonist, Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz.


First-Person PronounWatashi (私)
Blood TypeAB
BirthdayJune 2
ClassSword Maiden → La Pucelle
Primary CardJihad

Her voice actress is Mai Nakahara.


One of the two protagonists of "Yggdra Union"; one of the twelve protagonists of "Yggdra Unison". She also appears as an NPC in a certain route of "Blaze Union".

In addition, she is a guest heroine in "Knights in the Nightmare", and a slightly different Yggdra is a potential party member in "Gloria Union".

She is a fairly popular character in the Dept. Heaven series and Union series.

Yggdra in the Main Games

Only princess of the Kingdom of Fantasinia, and the only survivor of the royal family at the beginning of the game. Supported by the other protagonist Milanor and the surviving knight Durant, she begins the battle to reclaim her homeland and defeat her parents' killer, Gulcasa.

She uses the giant Holy Sword Gran Centurio, the royal family's heirloom, as her weapon.

From a young age, she was told that "justice lies with the Holy Sword", and believes in those words deeply.

Because of that, when her heart is shaken by the bloodiness of the war, she is able to believe that her justice is not wrong and continue forward.

Because she is a sheltered princess, she is still somewhat naive, but her will and sense of justice are strong. She seems to be popular amongst the people of Fantasinia.

In addition, she loves strawberries, especially Sweetberries. In the "Yggdra Universe" 4-panel comics drawn by Satoko Kiyuduki, it's said that Yggdra's father Ordene had Sweetberries bred especially for her.

Yggdra as known by the fans


She's usually treated as the protagonist of the game, but Milanor has also been called the protagonist officially, so it's difficult to tell where to draw the line.

She's supposed to have a kind and naive personality, but she runs around with her giant sword chopping up all kinds of enemies from soldiers to thieves to angels yelling "Come Near Me And I'll Kill You!". (Strictly speaking, this is the result of the player's choice, but her dialogue after defeating the aforementioned angel shocks the entire party.)

The fact that her vigor has given the players a twisted image of her is all fine and good, but it seems that even Sting has been affected. On the PSP-version promotional net radio show "Yggdradio" and then in her guest appearances in Knights in the Nightmare and Gloria Union, she behaves extremely outrageously.

Nowadays, illustrations of her here on Pixiv tend to get tagged with "Heretic Princess" or "I'll Come Kill You".

......How did it come to this?

The Yggdra of "Gloria Union"


She is a different person than the Yggdra in the other games, but looks exactly like her and has a similar past. However, this Yggdra is a freelance bounty hunter. She was born on Fantasinia Island, and wields a gigantic gatling gun called the "Centurio Buster" that's her father's keepsake. Also, she seems to have a grudge against the Lukia Empire.

Her class is "Avenger" and her theme is "The Golden Destroyer".

In the story, if the correct conditions are fulfilled she will appear and join the party.

By the way, she calls the main heroine Elisha her "best friend". It's probably best to think of this as affinity between fellow gun-users.

Even within the game, she says things like "Come near me and I'll shoot you!" like it's only natural, so it appears that this Yggdra has inherited the black legacy of jokes.

Finally, unlike the other Yggdra, she has green eyes. Don't forget.

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