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Milanor is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union" and "Yggdra Unison".


First-Person PronounOre (オレ)
ClassStray Thief
Primary CardSteal

His voice actress is Miyuki Sawashiro.


Leader of a band of thieves active in Norn Valley, an area at the far south of the continent. The secondary protagonist of the story. (Though he's referred to as the hero on the game box.) His class is "Stray Thief" and his weapon is the axe. He has a terrain bonus on wasteland. His special skill Steal is capable of stealing the enemy's equipped item. He can also use other powerful cards like Gravity Chaos and Dragon Killer, so a lot of players spoil him.

Essentially, he is fairly strong from the beginning and his stats are easy to raise, so many people play the game only putting effort into raising him.


  • Out of all male protagonists in Dept. Heaven whose height has been revealed, Milanor is the shortest.

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