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Gulcasa is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union", "Yggdra Unison", and "Blaze Union".


Age17 → 20
Height174cm → About 176cm
First-Person PronounOre (俺)
ClassDragon Knight → Dragoon → Brongaa Knight
Primary CardGenocide

He has been portrayed by the voice actors Hiroaki Miura (Yggdra Union, Yggdra Unison) and Kousuke Toriumi (Blaze Union).

※The left side (other than Class) are his character settings in "Blaze Union".


The young emperor of the New Bronquian Empire, a warrior called the "Blazing Emperor".

Bronquia has traditionally been ruled by emperors who bear the blood of the demonic dragon Brongaa. However, over time the bloodline has grown diluted, and even throughout the reign of Gulcasa's predecessor, Brongaa's descendants have been treated as ill-omened. Because of this, Gulcasa--who was the first pureblooded descendant of Brongaa to be born in many centuries--was abused from a very young age.

Three years prior to the beginning of "Yggdra Union", Gulcasa dethroned his predecessor in a coup d'état, and began a campaign of invasions in order to conquer the world.

From the perspective of other countries, Gulcasa is nothing more than a tyrant, but whether because of the former emperor's incompetence or Gulcasa's own great power, the Bronquian people are devoted to him.

The subordinates closest to him in power are warriors known as the "Five Dragon Generals", and one of their number is Gulcasa's younger half-sister, Scarlet Princess Emilia.

Gulcasa possesses unusually high stats, wields a scythe (which trumps most other weapons), and due to being a dragon-type unit is capable of crossing bodies of water to attack his enemies; he has next to no weak points.

His personal Skill "Genocide" makes him explosively more powerful in exchange for sacrificing the rest of his personal unit, and it is common for battles to turn in Gulcasa's favor immediately upon activating the skill.

Gulcasa has such fearsome force of will that he can even eat rotten food calmly, but even he has some things he regrets eating.

"Blaze Union", which was released after "Yggdra Union", explains how Gulcasa came to be the person that he is.


Has extremely long, bright red hair and golden eyes.

As for how long his hair is, in back it reaches all the way down to his heels, and the sides are down to his hips. It's long.

He has slightly more mature-looking features than the other male characters who are in their twenties.

The gold and crimson armor that covers his body is slightly large, and if compared to the body double who appears in just one map, it's apparent that the real Gulcasa's armor is too big for him. Even so, he cuts a resplendent and gallant figure.

He rides a red dragon and wields a scythe in battle.

CAUTION: There are "Blaze Union" spoilers below!

Gulcasa in "Blaze Union"

In the A route, it is revealed that Garlot is none other than Gulcasa himself, and that "Garlot" was a fake name.

The reason that Gulcasa was abandoned by his mother and abused by his father as a child is because his mother Baretreenu (who renamed him Garlot to seal his blood) left the family to move to Lost Aries so that she would one day be able to make a more powerful seal. Gulcasa's father blamed him for Baretreenu having left and began to abuse him at that time.

Because Garlot was too young to form memories, he simply couldn't remember his mother or his real name.

The stress that built up in Garlot's heart stemming from having been abused and seeing the injustice of the world slowly ate into Baretreenu's seal. However, only the severe trauma of Velleman's betrayal and Siskier's death allowed his powers to leak through.

Garlot, who had lost everything he could rely on, chose his power as his new guidepost and decided to break the seal and complete the revolution. Even though that meant he must battle his mother to do so, Garlot was too afraid of what might happen if he hesitated to falter, and was able to carry out his will.

Told that his "resolve to stop being human" would strengthen him, Gulcasa embraces the truth that he is Brongaa's descendant, but to the end he refuses to raise a hand to the friends who betray him.

His surviving childhood friend Jenon says "it's like Gulcasa and Garlot are completely different people", but one fan remarked "he's actually a gentle person, but his actions force unhappiness on his enemies, which makes what he does seem unjust". And his first-generation voice actor, who knew all of his background settings, says of him "He's very... human; I think he's actually kind of a good person". Of course, individual players' opinions vary.

Later, at the end of "Yggdra Union" Gulcasa himself claims that his desire is to "return the world to the hands of Brongaa's descendants", but if he finishes conquering the world in "Yggdra Unison", he winds up creating the world with no injustice that was his ideal throughout "Blaze Union".

There are two explanations for what he says in "Yggdra Union". Either his former ideal became warped over the course of time due to the amount of trauma he suffered, or at that point in the story his demon blood was getting the better of him due to his despair.


Mostly the same as he is at age 20, but his hair is slightly shorter; the back goes down to his knees and the sides reach his shoulders. His bangs are also a little shorter.


  • He gets called a "tennen" a lot in "Yggdra Unison".

In the New Bronquian Empire audio drama, when Luciana is rampaging in despair, Gulcasa finds her. Even though he doesn't understand the situation at all, just one word of comfort from him solves everything. Gulcasa's such an angel. (Despite the fact that he's a demon.)

In the sense that he's always being reckless, he's certainly a tennen in other ways too, but that he has some kind of fearsome power is a fact.

Incidentally, this audio drama was released before "Blaze Union" was, so this was the first chance that fans had to see Gulcasa's real personality.

  • Continuing with the tennen jokes, there are a lot of funny things about what Gulcasa will and won't eat in "Yggdra Unison" and "Blaze Union".
Gulcasa is perfectly fine with eating rotten fish, but in "Blaze Union" he definitely regrets trying the sprouted potato and the Sweetberry.

Aside from that, when it comes to the dragon steak and dairy products, at age 17 Gulcasa is fine with the dragon steak and hates dairy, but at age 20 he won't eat the dragon steak and loves dairy.

You could call it proof that he's grown, but what's the deal with the dragon steak?

  • He loves any and all things red. He'll happily and gratefully accept even the Sweetberries he can't stand (according to what he says when eating them) if you give them to him to restore his morale.

  • Gulcasa first appeared in an indie game that game director Shinichi Ito made in 1996, so Gulcasa and Nessiah (who appeared with him) are the oldest Dept. Heaven characters.
As a side note, this was two years before Ito joined Sting, and the game was something like a beta version of "Yggdra Union". See the book "Dept. Heaven World Guidance" for more details.

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