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Siskier is a character appearing in the game "Blaze Union".


First Person PronounWatashi (私)
Primary CardSteal

Her voice actress is Yui Horie, and her theme is "At Least a Flower for My Heart".


A girl with a bright, lively personality. She is Garlot's childhood friend. Has short blond hair, blue eyes that are close to turquoise, and a blue tattoo on her left shoulder.

Seeing Garlot's state of isolation when he was young, she began to play with him out of a desire to try to cheer him up even a little bit. Even now, she remains at his side watching over him.

She has actually come to see him as more than a friend, but perhaps because of how long Garlot has been abused, he appears to have trouble understanding that.

Depending on the route of the story, her fate may have a dramatic effect on Garlot's course of action.

Siskier is quite lightly dressed, to the point where people often accuse her of being an exhibitionist, but according to her, "It's easier to move like this. Mobility is important in combat!" (from the official Twitter).

Her hobby is collecting scarves. According to the unit introduction demo, she likes salad and sweets.

According to Jenon, she's worried about her weight.

She uses a crossbow in battle.

Her special Skill "Steal" can steal the enemy's equipment.

Also, she has agility befitting of a scout-type unit, and is the only unit that can move after serving as a Union leader.

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