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Leon is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union", "Yggdra Unison", and "Blaze Union".


Age19 → 22
First-Person PronounOre (俺)
Primary CardChariot

He has been portrayed by the voice actors Hidehiko Kaneko (Yggdra Union) and Takuya Satou (Blaze Union).

※The left side are his character settings in "Blaze Union".


A citizen of the New Bronquian Empire. One of the Five Dragon Generals, known as the "Black Knight".

A severe man; he has a violent personality and never holds back on anyone, but he still has a high level of personal skill.

After a certain incident, he apparently became unable to trust others. Even amongst his allies, he can only open his heart to his closest friend Gulcasa, who understands him the best.

In "Yggdra Union" he always wears a mask, but in "Blaze Union" his bare face was revealed.

His personality is the exact opposite of Durant's, and Leon hates Durant for being a "hypocrite".

Also, Leon is Elena's older brother.

Leon in "Blaze Union"

In his first appearance, he is the captain of a border patrol unit.

Leon is the son of a proud family of knights, but one day his parents were executed because of the emperor's baseless suspicion, and Leon himself was branded on the forehead and demoted to border patrol. This incident caused him to lose his faith in other people, and ever since then his personality has become twisted.

After he loses a practice battle with Garlot's party, Leon quits the Imperial Army and comes to see Garlot as his rival. And in order to defend his wounded pride, Leon joins Pandra's rebellion.

In the end, Leon's relationship with Pandra goes bad, and he is used by Pandra as a pawn and then abandoned. Finally, once Leon realizes his own resemblances to Garlot, he becomes able to acknowledge his own loss. After saving his sister from Pandra and then being saved himself by Gram Blaze, he joins the party.

Rather than being "distrustful of others", during the time that Leon is in the party, he is bashful and has trouble being honest. Because of this, fans' pet name for him is "Tsundereon". Even fellow party member Eudy says that Leon is "really easy to read".

His theme is "Bravely, if Roughly".

He loves apples and hates sweets and dairy.

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