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Baldus is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union", "Yggdra Unison", and "Blaze Union".


Age52 → 55
First-Person PronounSessha (拙者)
ClassGuardian Knight
Primary CardAce Guard

He has been portrayed by the voice actors Tetsu Inada (Yggdra Union) and Daichi Endou (Blaze Union).

※The left side are his character settings from "Blaze Union".


A citizen of the New Bronquian Empire. He is a warrior called "God of War" and "Bronquia's Shield".

He has a valiant personality, and is respected by all of his allies. Even Gulcasa, the new emperor, holds him in high regard.

In his youth, he was rivals with Mistel's grandfather Bly, and was the only person able to see through the strategies that Bly (who was at the time a famous royal tactician) employed.

In the scenario, he guards his hometown of Ishnad with his life.

Baldus in "Blaze Union"

In the main scenario he is an enemy character, but in the canon route, if you fulfill the conditions (or rather, if you listen to Nessiah), he joins the party.

His theme is "Battle Cry".

He is a warrior who has sworn loyalty to Emperor Thortie, but like Gulcasa, he puts the common people first.

As usual, he is quite the hero.

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