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Kylier is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union" and "Yggdra Unison".

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First-Person PronounUchi (ウチ)
ClassGriffon Rider
Primary CardNone

Her voice actress is Yui Sakakibara.

Milanor's childhood friend. Called "Kylier the Fickle". Just like Milanor, she is a Vanir born in Lost Aries. She has green hair tied back in a tail, orange eyes, and dark skin. She is a skilled griffon handler, and is always with her beloved pet griffon Al.

She has a steadfast, dependable personality, but also has a sharp tongue, and is very private and has a hard time opening up to people. She only trusts Milanor and Al.

She sometimes comes to aid the Royal Army in battle when her hapless childhood friend needs rescuing.

Kylier seems to have an interest in fashion, and if sent to investigate Yggdra's room during a certain battle, she shows interest in Yggdra's gaudy dresses.

Also, while she is not a vegetarian, she will not eat griffon meat and cannot regain Morale from being given it.


She hates the people of the kingdom who have oppressed her race since ancient times, and is worried that the reason Milanor won't come home even after Yggdra has her capital city back is because he has feelings for her; for various reasons, she treats Yggdra as her enemy. Neither Yggdra nor Milanor seems able to understand her true feelings, and especially Milanor mistakes her as being tsundere for Yggdra, teasing her for being dishonest. Kylier herself seems frustrated with Milanor's behavior.

Yggdra believes that her justice is absolute, but Kylier cautions her that justice is not monolithic and universal. She explains that the world is not divided into clear-cut good and evil, and frantically tries to persuade Yggdra not to invade Bronquia, but Yggdra refuses to listen...

Incidentally, if one visits the villages in BF26 with Kylier, one can learn various things about her past.

Fan Reactions

The official game guide says of Kylier, "There must be many players who are enchanted by the way she comes to save the Royal Army (or rather, Milanor) whenever they are at a disadvantage", but either because she's always insulting the party or because she so obviously hates the protagonist, it is common to see fans commenting on Nico Nico Douga and such that she is "annoying".

However, Kylier's actions in a certain scene, her treatment after that scene, and her true feelings that can be heard at the end of the game often turn these negative opinions on their head.

Combat Capabilities

Her class is Griffon Rider, and her weapon is the axe. She can fly over enemy units and water squares. She is a guest unit who aids the party from time to time, so her level does not change. She does not have any personal Skills.

She is especially useful on desert maps, and her high attack power makes her easy to level grind cards with, but it's best to be careful to make sure she doesn't get the map's MVP.

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