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Mizer is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union", "Yggdra Unison", and "Blaze Union".


Age18 → 21
First-Person PronounOira (オイラ)
Primary CardThunderbolt

He has been portrayed by the voice actors Junichi Miyake (Yggdra Union) and Tsubasa Yonaga (Blaze Union).

※The left side are his character settings in "Blaze Union".


A bounty hunter from Nyllard Desert. His hobby is collecting shoes, and he apparently spends all his bounty money on buying new shoes.

He appears in front of Yggdra often, as she has a high bounty placed on her.

He is the only survivor of all the enemy characters.

In "Yggdra Unison", he appears as a member of Pamela's United Forest Forces.

Mizer in "Blaze Unison"

His theme is "Will This Solve Everything?!"

He's a sneak thief with a bounty on his head, but like Garlot once was, he is a noble thief who only targets nobles and the rich. His double name is "Mizer the Barefoot".

When he was young, his family was so poor that they could not even buy shoes, so as someone who can sympathize with the poor of Bronquia he has sworn not to wear shoes until the day that injustice is gone from the empire.

After Gulcasa's revolution in the canon route, he leaves the Imperial Army to become a bounty hunter.

He believes that a formal army would not suit him, and lives in peace while cheering on his former allies from afar.

Now that the New Bronquian Empire is stable, he also becomes a famed shoe lover.

Perhaps the reason he continually targets Yggdra in "Yggdra Union" is not because of the high price on her head, but because he wants to support his former comrade Gulcasa as best he can.

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