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Zilva is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union", "Yggdra Unison", and "Blaze Union".


Age17 → 20
First-Person PronounWatashi (私)
Primary CardBloody Claw

She has been portrayed by the voice actresses Mariko Suzuki (Yggdra Union) and Rie Tanaka (Blaze Union).

※The left side are her character settings in "Blaze Union".


A citizen of the New Bronquian Empire. Leader of the assassination squad.

She has a calm personality and believes that emotion cannot be mixed into one's tactical decisions. She is partial to her apprentice Elena.

She is actually a quiet person who loves cute things and is a sweet tooth.

Zilva has a pretty big chest, but mysteriously she is often mistaken by fans to be male.

Zilva in "Blaze Union"

Her theme is "Run Through the Night".

During her first appearance she is a member of the Blessed Papal Army hunting Luciana and Aegina, but she is expelled after she fails in her mission multiple times. She is rescued by Garlot's party when she is about to be killed as a means of penance.

After that, she joins the party if the right conditions are fulfilled.

Her pure admiration for Siskier seems to be very strong. Three years later, the reason for Elena's change in appearance is thought to be that Zilva sees Siskier in her, and made Elena wear similar clothing.

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