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Sleip is a character appearing in the game "Blaze Union".


Height150cm (4'11")
First-Person PronounAsshi (あっし)
Primary CardDiamond Dust
Theme"The Legendary Drunken Master"
Voice ActorAsako Dodo


A saltwater Undine. Also a terrible alcoholic who's always drunk.

Because of saltwater Undines' rarity, she and her tribe were captured by humans who planned to offer her to Emperor Thortie as a gift. Sleip and her people were packed into a slave ship and brought to Bronquia. When Gram Blaze ambushed the ship's landing and investigated the hold, Sleip was the only survivor.

Garlot is unable to just leave Sleip to her own devices with all her people gone and nowhere to return to, and so welcomes her into Gram Blaze.

Sleip may seem like she's turned to drink to cope with her trauma, but she was actually already a habitual drunkard and this incident's only made her alcohol dependency worse. As you'd expect of a character attached to the bottle, occasionally she spews rainbows and nearly ruins some unfortunate souls' clothes.

Even so, Sleip says "Drink all you want, but don't get drunk!" with a straight face without showing the tiniest hint of regret.

She has blue-green hair with a few white streaks in the front, which she wears tied back. Her eyes are magenta and her fish scales are pastel orange.

She has a tattoo of a condor with spread wings on her back. According to Sting, this tattoo is an expression of Sleip's wish to master the land and sky as well as the sea.

In battle, she wields a trident-style spear. As an Undine, when she uses the skill Blizzard she turns it into Diamond Dust, which freezes bodies of water.

Her final stats are 4/4/4/4, for a total of 16 stars. Since a stat with 4 stars only requires 6 mini stars to max out, Sleip is very easy to get to max stats with doping items.

During her victory animation she can be seen making a toast. This lady really never learns!

In the A route, she has a duel event with Thortie that delves into the true reasons why she was captured and brought to Bronquia. It's an event that Sleip fans ought to check out.

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