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Blood and Tears

"Blood and Tears" is the title of the sixth chapter (B version) of the game "Blaze Union".

※Spoilers Below

Gram Blaze was on their way home from a mission to restore public order in the west.

All of a sudden, Aegina calls out to Garlot.

She says that in order to complete a "task" that she must fulfill, she and her sister Luciana want to leave the private army for a time.

But before the discussion can continue, a scout comes running from the barracks.

The base is under attack from the Blessed Papal Army.

In order to rescue Luciana and the children, who are surrounded by enemies, Aegina and the others attack repeatedly, but――

――It happened after dawn rose on the night of tragedy.

Burning with anger, Aegina charges towards the kingdom she loathes.

And Garlot, unable to abandon a comrade, ignores Velleman's orders and chases her, leading Gram Blaze.

Within the chaos, Eimi curses her inability to be be of use.

In order to rescue the friends she admires, she attempts to release the sealed powers within her.

And bearing the past, the girls' destiny moves forward.

Contains 6~7 maps.

BF50Blood ※Hidden Scenario

After this route has been cleared once, by fulfilling certain conditions it is possible to activate the hidden scenario.

But be prepared for a very difficult battle.

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Chapter List

Chapter 1In the Name of Hope
Chapter 2Light Shines on the Decaying Empire
Chapter 3It Means Battle
Chapter 4What the Prophet's Eyes See
Chapter 5The Fallen Battle Flag
Chapter 6AThe Price of the Truth
Chapter 6BBlood and Tears
Chapter 6CLive in This World

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