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The Fallen Battle Flag

"The Fallen Battle Flag" is the title of the fifth chapter of the game "Blaze Union".

Gram Blaze, which has gained incomparable power, wisdom, and strategic ability with Nessiah's addition to their roster, begins to rise higher and higher.

As they aim for the restoration of public order across the whole empire, they clash numerous times with Pandra's rebel army.

And as they do, they reunite with Leon, the source of the rebels' new power.

And as Garlot becomes more and more famous, Emperor Thortie becomes more and more interested in him.

In the dry air of the empire, the sparks of war change into a conflagration.

And Garlot begins to find within himself the power to protect what's important to him――

The first half of the chapter is comprised of free missions, and in the second half the main scenario moves forward.

Based on the player's choices, this chapter features either a settlement with Cerica or an event that reveals Pandra's past.

Includes 7~10 maps.

BF26The Warriors' Vacation -Girls' Side-
BF27The Warriors' Vacation -Boys' Side-
BF28Adding Gunpowder to the Fire for a Blaze
BF29The Carnage of War
BF30A Snare for the Greedy
BF31The Returning Warrior
BF32Salt Road
BF33Military Exercise at the Capital
BF34Something to Protect
BF35Tiera in Flames
BF36Cry of the Mad Warrior
BF37History Moves at Night

The storyline splits in the last scene of BF37 based on the player's choices up until now.

Also, in one map in this chapter, it's possible to view the legendary onsen event.

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Chapter 5The Fallen Battle Flag
Chapter 6AThe Price of the Truth
Chapter 6BBlood and Tears
Chapter 6CLive in This World

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