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Medoute is a character appearing in the game "Blaze Union".


First-Person PronounAtashi (あたし)
ClassAx Battler
Primary CardDragon Killer

Her voice actress is Rie Tanaka, and her theme is "Powerful Conviction".


A self-proclaimed "traveling warrior", a woman with dark skin and silver hair worn in a ponytail.

She rescues Garlot's vigilante band when they're surrounded by enemies, but afterward calls them powerless "mere amateurs" who have managed to succeed through luck alone. These words both cause Garlot to realize the importance of wisdom and hurt him very deeply.

When witnessing their decision to become Velleman's private army, Medoute realized that she has influenced their actions, and joins the party as a means of taking responsibility.

She watches over them as a sempai who has already seen the world.

Has a mature personality. Because she's personally been to about 30 different countries, she has great knowledge, and is good at explaining things.

Good at looking after others, but she actually dislikes taking on responsibilities (according to her).

Also because her interests are fairly masculine, she sometimes is bullied by Siskier, who otherwise looks up to her.

In battle, she uses a massive axe.

In this game, the Skill "Dragon Killer" is for her use only. It causes her to have ☆-level effectiveness against dragon-type enemies.


She is a descendant of the hero Gill, who defeated the demonic dragon Brongaa in the past.

However, Medoute herself denies her destiny as a dragonslayer, and abandoned her birthright in order to wander the world.

In the A route, she is very suspicious of Gulcasa, who embraces his powers as a descendant of Brongaa. In the end, when she witnesses Nessiah forcing him to kill an allied soldier to save his own life, she betrays the party and tries to murder Gulcasa.

In the bad end of the B route, she believes that there is no means of stopping Emilia's rampage other than killing her, and faces her in combat.

Yet in both scenarios, she worries about her destiny as a dragonslayer and whether her meeting with Gulcasa was a coincidence or predetermined.

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